FLYBIRD 55 lb. Adjustable Dumbbells review – Maybe not so dumb

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REVIEW – My son has become a bit of a gym rat. He’s always wanted a set of adjustable dumbbells. I was fortunate enough to get a chance to evaluate a set of FLYBIRD adjustable dumbbells. Let’s get pumped up!

What is it?

The FLYBIRD adjustable dumbbells are a pair of 55 pound dumbbells that can switch from 15, 25, 35, 45 and 55 pounds with just a twist of the handle.

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What’s in the box?

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Each FLYBIRD dumbbell comes in its own box. They’re awkward and heavy! Get some help if you’re going to move these around yourself. Each box contains a 55 pound adjustable dumbbell and a “dock” that sits on the floor. The dock is very important and key to adjusting the weights.

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Hardware specs

Each dumbbell is 19”L x 8.5’W’ x 8”H.

Design and features

The tray is handy, since it prevents the dumbbell from rolling away. However, it’s also key to changing weights.

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To select the weight you want, simply rotate the FLYBIRD dumbbell handle as the dumbbell sits in the tray.

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When you lift the dumbbell out of the tray, you’ll get the proper number of plates based on the weight you selected.

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How close are the FLYBIRD adjustable dumbbell weights to the state values? Pretty close! For one dumbbell, I measured:

  • 55 lbs selected: 55.6 lbs measured.
  • 45 lbs selected: 45 lbs measured.
  • 35 lbs selected: 35 lbs measured.
  • 25 lbs selected: 25.2 lbs measured.
  • 15 lbs selected: 15 lbs measured.

FLYBIRD adj 55LB 07


What’s interesting is that there’s no hint of the dumbbell plates “coming off” when you use them. They lock in place once you lift it off the base, and there’s not much wobble or rattle, either.

FLYBIRD adj 55LB 08

What I like

  • Weight selection is quick and easy.
  • Listed weight is very close to measured weight.
  • Doesn’t give that odd, chemical smell associated with similar fitness equipment.

What I’d change

  • You may need to get a second set of hands to maneuver the large boxes.

Final thoughts

The FLYBIRD adjustable dumbbell surprised me with how easy it was to switch weights and how well-built they were. We’ve bought weights in the past that just had that awful smell, but these had none of that. My son has always wanted these, and I’m glad these are a good pair.

Price: $348.88
Where to buy: Flybird (Use the exclusive code: “Flybird40”, which gives you 40% off sitewide)
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Flybird.

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