LUXEAR 5-Piece Fruit and Veggie Storage Container review – Keeping it fresh

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REVIEW – You want your expensive produce to last as long as possible, and extended freshness is what LUXEAR promises with their 5-Piece Fruit and Veggie Storage Containers. How does this sorcery work, and does it deliver? To the review!

What is it?

They are storage containers designed keep your fruits and vegetables fresher for a longer period of time than just sticking your stuff in the fridge.

What’s in the box?

You get 5 stackable storage containers ranging from 27 oz to 210 oz in total capacity. Each piece comes with the container, an elevated colander, and a lid for 15 total pieces.

Hardware specs

  • BPA free
  • Safe for refrigerator, freezer dishwasher, and microwave
  • Temperature safe from -4 degrees F to 247 degrees F
  • 10.67 x 9.05 x 6.06 inches (largest container, when stacked)
  • 4.66 pounds total weight

Design and features

Your LUXEAR 5-Piece Fruit and Veggie Storage Containers set consists of 5 containers in all, which come out of the package stacked and stowed in the largest container as shown below.

Luxear FruitandVeggieContainers 1

As you start unpacking the kit, you’ll find each container nested in it’s larger brother. This is super convenient for storage when they are not in use!

Luxear FruitandVeggieContainers 2

Here they all are laid out in a row. The smallest container measures in at 6″ by 3.2″ by 4.1″, with the largest at 10.5″ by 6″ by 8.7″. From a pint of blueberries to a massive head of lettuce, you’ve got a ton of options to play with based on the volume(s) of produce you are storing.

Luxear FruitandVeggieContainers 3

Each container uses the same 3-piece core design, built from heavy-duty BPA free plastics that are safe for the freezer, the dishwasher, and the microwave in addition to doing time in your fridge.

Luxear FruitandVeggieContainers 4

The clear outside shell houses a colander custom-fit to the container size. This colander is made of similar beefy plastic and has grab handles on either end for easy manipulation. You can rinse your goodies in the colander, then transfer the colander right into the container for storage.

Luxear FruitandVeggieContainers 8

Note that the colander has little feet underneath it and space on the sides, creating an air pocket that is critical to the extended life of the produce by keeping liquid away from the goods.

Luxear FruitandVeggieContainers 9

The lid for each container contains a gasket and rigid clips on all four sides that snap tightly into place for an airtight seal.

Luxear FruitandVeggieContainers 5

You’ll find an air valve on the top of each container that you open for fruits and close for vegetables to manage airflow appropriately.

Luxear FruitandVeggieContainers 7

There’s also an integrated grab handle for carrying your containers about (useful for travel!).

Luxear FruitandVeggieContainers 6

Operation is pretty simple. Add your items to the container, seal the lid, and set the valve to open or closed depending on your payload.

Luxear FruitandVeggieContainers 11

Pop it in the fridge, and you’re off!


I had my doubts about these things when we started, but the LUXEAR 5-Piece Fruit and Veggie Storage Containers are the real deal. Take peppers, for example. We’re used to getting a week out of them in the fridge at most. I drop them in the storage containers as soon as get home from the store, and I am seeing 7+ days before they show any signs of softening.

Luxear FruitandVeggieContainers 13

Our local store sells limes from the fridge, which kind of makes me crazy because they tend to get soft spots really quickly. I tried dropping them into the containers to see if it would help, and I’m getting 2 weeks more out of them then if I leave them rolling around in the fruit drawer on their own.

Luxear FruitandVeggieContainers 10

The variety of sizes are fantastic for storing smaller parts (like cut up vegetables), loose lettuce, or small fruits like blueberries. I can get two heads of broccoli into the larger containers.

Luxear FruitandVeggieContainers 16

For a real stress test, I took half a head of leftover cabbage and stashed it away for two weeks. Cabbage is one of those items I rarely have luck keeping for more than a few days before it gets funky.

Luxear FruitandVeggieContainers 12

Two weeks later, and we’re just seeing some browning around the edges!

Luxear FruitandVeggieContainers 14

Luxear FruitandVeggieContainers 15

I know that one of my test items is a hit when my wife comments on it, and she’s been raving about these things for keeping fruits and snacking vegetables (like cucumbers, sliced peppers) fresh and crisp. it’s a noticeable difference since we started using them, so much so that it’s become part of our storage/organization routine when we get back from the store and load up the fridge.

Here’s an shot of our fridge on grocery day. I have most of the LUXEAR containers on the lower shelf in this pic. We do a lot of fruit and veg round here, and I love how they act as an extension to the crisper drawers. This is the main area of my fridge. You can see how they stack for optimal storage space. OUrs is a counter-depth fridge for reference.

Luxear FruitandVeggieContainers 21

I will note that those larger containers are pretty big and can take up a lot of space, but we’ve had luck storing a couple of different vegetables or fruits together as long as the fruits are compatible. The containers are also super easy to clean and reuse, so we find ourselves downsizing portions to smaller containers as we use up the produce.

We’ve been beating up the LUXEAR 5-Piece Fruit and Veggie Storage Containers pretty good to gauge their durability, I’ve been happy with the results so far. The burly plastic build holds up well to multiple washings and cycles in the dishwasher. The only side effect of the dishwasher I have seen is that it can sometimes make it a little tougher to clamp down the seal on the lids. This could be due to a little warping, but nothing that’s caused a failure. I’ve also noticed that the plastic seems pretty resistant to stains from the likes of rasberries and blueberries, but I’ll want to do a little more long-term testing to be sure.

The stackable, storable design of the containers is also excellent. As we clean out the produce prior to grocery day, we tend to collect containers. I love that these all stack into one box that I can stash in a cabinet, rather than having a bunch of loose containers everywhere.

What I like

  • Tough, durable build
  • Variety of sizes for different products
  • Stackable, stowable
  • They really work as designed

What I’d change

  • Nothing to report so far!

Final thoughts

I’m a little mad at myself for not discovering the LUXEAR 5-Piece Fruit and Veggie Storage Containers sooner, because I think they would have saved me a ton of money in spoiled produce. I’m surprised at how effective they are, and how efficient the design is for prepping and storage tasks. I might need to buy some more.

Price: $29.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by LUXEAR.

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