FLYBIRD Foldable Ab Machine review

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REVIEW – A few years ago, I had an abdominal hernia surgery that turned out to be a bit more complicated than usual. While I have continued to exercise in my home gym, I have stayed away from abdominal exercises because my doctor has advised me to be careful not to cause the repaired area to rupture. I think I am ready to get back to mild ab exercises and this FLYBIRD Foldable Ab Machine should allow me to gradually do so. in the meantime, my young daughter is quite an athlete and uses just about every piece of gym equipment that I have.

What is it?

The FLYBIRD Foldable Ab Machine works your abs deeply using the new BOTTOM-UP movement method. It Intensifies your core strength and up to 80% of your muscles can be exercised simultaneously. Its design allows you to better protect your neck and back from extra strain.

What’s in the box?

Flubird Foldable AB Machine 2
Flubird Foldable AB Machine 3

    • 1 x FLYBIRD Foldable Ab Machine with Monitor
    • 2 x AA Batteries
    • 1 x Toolkit
    • 1 x User Guide

Design and features

Flubird Foldable AB Machine 22

  • Say NO to Belly Fat: FLYBIRD Ab Machine is the perfect workout machine for people looking to lose stubborn body fat, gain strength, and develop a charming body. For any goal you have in mind, like shaping your waist, abdomen, arms, back, and legs, or tightening your hips, you will need efficient equipment like FLYBIRD Body-Shaping Machine
  • From Beginner to Expert: With its 4 inclined angles and 5 adjustable heights, you can mix different slopes to customize your workout intensity. There is a choice of difficulty that can be adapted to meet the needs of different fitness levels, allowing you to exercise more effectively as you progress
  • Stable & Durable: The dual-track frame is constructed of premium commercial-thickness steel and features a triangular structure that can withstand 330 pounds of weight, offering extra support and stability over the common single-track frame. Exercise with confidence
  • Easy to Assemble & Storage: With its easy fold and space-saving design, it takes up almost no space in the house and can be easily stored almost anywhere. It can be taken anywhere for exercise, including at home, the office, the gym, or outdoors
  • Smooth Sliding Experience: The high-quality built-in wheels provide a smoother and quieter sliding experience without disturbing others. With a 1.18-inch thickened foam cushion and non-slip streamline handgrips, the cushion provides a comfortable workout experience. It also helps protect the knees and elbows during workouts
  • Easy to check for the Workout Situation: The larger LCD monitor shows Repetitions, Workout Time, and Calories Burned, allowing you to track your workouts and plan your next workout

The FLYBIRD Foldable Ab Machine is a compact design that makes it easy to store and take indoors or outdoors. It is made mostly of metal with some plastic parts and padded cushions for areas where your body rests. There is an adjustment knob that allows for the change of angle and a plastic console with an LED display and a button that controls modes and provides workout data.

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The FLYBIRD Foldable Ab Machine is very easy to assemble. Most of the machine comes assembled and I only needed to attach the extension adjustment leg, the handles, the control/data console, and the upper padding. It was quick and easy and the necessary tools were included.

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Flubird Foldable AB Machine 6
Flubird Foldable AB Machine 7
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The FLYBIRD Foldable Ab Machine works well and moves smoothly as you exercise, the angle/height adjustment allows you to start with a low gravitational resistance and increase the difficulty by increasing the angle:

Flubird Foldable AB Machine 5
Flubird Foldable AB Machine 16 1
The machine is lightweight and easily folds into a small and flat form for storage.
Flubird Foldable AB Machine 4
My daughter was determined to try it out as soon as I assembled it. It is very stable and sturdy and the movement is smooth and steady with no major wobble on the rails. I think that the 2-rail design adds stability. The simple LED display shows “Repetitions, Workout Time, and Calories Burned, allowing you to track your workouts”.

Flubird Foldable AB Machine 19
Here is a quick video of my energetic and determined daughter trying out this AB machine:

What I like

  • It is solidly built
  • It is lightweight
  • It is foldable, portable, and easy to store
  • It provides a good abdominal workout
  • The incline angle is adjustable so that the level of difficulty can be selected

What I’d change

  • It does what it is designed to do

Final thoughts

The FLYBIRD Foldable Ab Machine is simple but effective. It is lightweight and easy to assemble and store. I can gradually start exercising my abdominal muscles again as a part of rehab after my surgery, and my daughter loves this machine.

Price: $93.88
Where to buy: FLYBIRD Fitness website (Save 40% sitewide with coupon code: FLYBIRD40 )
Source: The sample of this product was provided by FLYBIRD.

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