My favorite type of gear bag is a backpack, especially if you need to carry your items around for long durations of time. My favorite type of backpack is a high-quality leather backpack and thus, I was eager to review the Pad & Quill Roll Top Leather Backpack. While using this backpack over the last… Read More

When I opened the box, the smell immediately hit me.  That smell of well-tanned leather.  You know the smell.  You hold it up to your nose and leave it there for awhile.  Yeah, it was like that when I opened the box on the Mr. Lentz leather briefcase.  I have had ‘genuine leather’ goods my… Read More

I love the products that Saddleback Leather Company makes. Let me back up a sec… I love the way Saddleback Leather Company products look. The way they feel and the way they are constructed. I just don’t like using them because they are too heavy and bulky for my own personal preference. But their new… Read More

Let me begin by saying hello, my name is Ryan and I an a leather addict.  Admitting I have an obsession to leather products is about as far as I am willing to go in this 12 step program so with that out of the way, let’s talk about Mr. Lentz and his Work Bag… Read More

I love backpacks. It is my preferred method for carrying around my teaching materials, but what I don’t like having to do is to continuously buy bags because they wear out. Enter the Saddleback Leather Co. and their line of leather backpacks. I was awarded the opportunity to review their Thin Front Pocket Backpack. This… Read More

I am a total sucker for nice leather gear and fine woodworking. I find the old world craftsmanship and artistry very appealing in today’s disposable world. So when Julie asked if I’d like to review some handmade items from Istanbul, Turkey I jumped at the chance. In this case, Galen Leather is a small leather… Read More

Whipping Post creates leather bags and accessories that focus on classic, rugged designs and quality craftsmanship. Arriving just in time for summer, the Scout backpack looks like a perfect solution for road trips, plane rides, and long hikes. At 15″ by 15.5″ by 4.5″, it just the right size for day trips or stowing under your airline… Read More

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the nicest looking smartphones ever to be created. So why would you want to cover it up with a generic plastic case that adds bulk, and takes away from the aesthetic of the phone? One case that protects the phone without detracting from its beauty is the Full… Read More

This Is Ground is known for leather carry accessories that are handmade in Los Angeles, California. The new Connoisseur collection introduces updated designs wrapped in a new series of luxurious Italian leathers. This Is Ground’s product line offers a unique take on refined small-carry items and modular folios that can be customized based on your… Read More

It has been quite a while since I have reviewed anything from Orbino. I had forgotten how nicely done their leather products are. So much so, that you almost need a case or carrying bag to carry the case that is protecting your smart device…silly as that sounds. Their products are “made entirely by hand… Read More

That’s desk top and not desktop. As in the top of your desk and not your computer’s home screen. Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get back to the news… Pad & Quill is celebrating 7 years in business by offering 25% off their some of their most popular products. Brian Holmes sent… Read More

I was introduced to Colonel Littleton products by Dave Rees who has reviewed a few of the men’s line of exquisite handcrafted leather bags here on the Gadgeteer. I had the opportunity last year to review the Colonel Littleton Bentley Tote which was absolutely fabulous. Now I’ve been given the privilege to review another of… Read More

Colonel Littleton creates some of the finest bags I have ever had the privilege to carry my gear in. My 1943 Navigator bag has traveled the world with me and continues to be my EDC bag. It is a true workhorse and nearly bulletproof, receiving regular compliments as it grows old with me. But when the… Read More

I have lost track of the number of leather wallets I have gone through over the years.  I am sure the same thing has happened to you… at some point they all fall apart at the seems.  This problem inspired American Benchcraft to create a line of leather products that are crafted not with stitched… Read More

I had a chance to review a great little wallet from A-SLIM, the Sapphire Black Chikara. After using the wallet in real world situations I can say that this wallet is exceeding my expectations when it comes to the smaller slimmer thin billfold wallets. First of all, the wallet’s name, Chikara, is the Japanese word for… Read More

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