Decrum Adamsville Mens Camel Suede Bomber Jacket review – you’ll get compliments!

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REVIEW – After seeing the title, you might be wondering why a jacket is being reviewed on The Gadgeteer. Fair question. An article of leather clothing is not even remotely a gadget. However . . . a jacket can hold gadgets, right? Okay, it’s a stretch, but we’ll take it because everyone possesses at least one jacket—even in hot and humid Florida where it can get cold during the winter months. The thing I like about the Decrum Adamsville Mens Camel Suede Bomber Jacket is its comfort. The thing I like about this jacket is its timeless styling. Its iconic style is just as relevant today as it was back in WWII and after. (my father owned a similar jacket in the 50s).

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What is it?

The Decrum Adamsville Mens Camel Suede Bomber Jacket is a (100% real) suede leather jacket in what is known as “bomber style”. This style is cropped at the waist with looser arms, ribbed collar, waistband, and wristbands. The type in this review is a lighter—in color and weight—version.

Decrum calls the style ideal for motorcycle devotees. I see it as too retro and classic for that description.

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The jacket is lined in satiny, padded polyester. It’s a bit oversized—good for wearing over a shirt and/or (not bulky) a sweater. There are two exterior and three interior pockets for wallets, smartphones, and chargers if necessary (there’s that gadget connection). A metal zipper closes up the front up to the neck.

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  • 100% real suede leather.
  • Polyester inside lining.
  • Bomber style (rib-knit cuffs and hems).
  • Front smooth zip-closure.
  • Available in black, brown, dark brown, and camel color
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

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Design and features

I admit up front that one of the reasons I like this style jacket so much is the memories it brings of my father’s jacket. His was more reddish-brown (a color that’s offered by Decrum). Unfortunately, it became ratty over the years and I had to toss it.

The timing for this review has not been great. It wasn’t offered until last April, which is not a jacket-wearing month in Florida. Fortunately, my wife and I drove to Atlanta for a long weekend and the weather became cool enough at night to wear the suede jacket.

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The jacket provided just the right amount of warmth without becoming too hot or heavy-feeling. It fits perfectly on my oversized American dad bod. I received two unsolicited compliments from strangers—something I never get. The jacket looks as good on me as it feels.

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The exterior pockets are sized and placed right where one would expect. Some jackets feel weird when my hands are in the pockets—not these. The interior pockets are sized well for my oversized iPhone Pro Max. Plus the pockets are deep enough without being so deep making retrieving items a hassle. Note that one interior pocket is made solely for a smartphone, but it’s a bit too tight and deep for my use. You may feel differently.

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When the jacket arrived, it gave off an odor that smelled of leather and something I couldn’t recognize. After a couple of days, the only odor remaining was the suede—always a nice smell. The jacket’s shipping route took it through Pakistan and Dubai (where it was delayed because of weather), so I’m not sure if something was added for preservation causing the odor—or not.

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I noticed that I found a few online leather jacket sites that used the same photos Decrum uses. Whether this means these other sites sell the same jacket and are resellers or they “borrow” each other’s photos for similar jackets, I can’t say. I thought it should be pointed out.

Obviously, time will tell whether the Decrum jacket will hold up through the cooler months here in Florida (or elsewhere should we travel). I will try to update this review early next year and point out its pros and cons.

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What I like about the Decrum Adamsville Mens Camel Suede Bomber Jacket

  • Comfortable
  • Nice pockets
  • Timeless style
  • Good color choices

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What needs to be improved?

  • A bit expensive, but it is real suede.
  • Odor on delivery, but it went away

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Final thoughts

After the few times I was able to wear the Decrum Adamsville Mens Camel Suede Bomber Jacket, I can say it’s already become my favorite, next to my trusty Levi’s Hooded Sherpa-lined Trucker jacket. My only regret is that I didn’t have the Suede Bomber jacket when we vacationed in England last March. It would have come in handy and I’m fairly sure I would have received even more compliments.

Price: $239
Where to buy: Decrum
Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by Decrum. Decrum did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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