Can I see a show of hands… how many of you have socks with missing mates? We call them stragglers at my house, and it seems to be a widespread issue that affects countless families throughout the world. How can we solve this horrible tragedy? Well, there’s a gadget for that, and it’s called the… Read More

I believe that there’s a superhero in each one of us and now is the time to put on a cape and show the world! But if you’re not quite ready to come out of the closet… er, phone booth. Consider these fun superhero caped socks from Bioworld that will let you keep your secret… Read More

Belts, we all have them, we use them and even abuse them at times. Like most men my age, I have owned my fair share of belts, leather, nylon, webbed, solid, and they all perform the same function, to keep my pants up. Now I won’t lie to you at this stage of my life… Read More

Fly your geek flag high and proud with these silly socks from ChattyFeet. Available in a variety of fun styles, these cotton socks will keep your feet warm and let everyone know (when you take off your shoes) which famous scientist you admire most. Whether you choose the Albert Einstoe, Stephen Toeking, Sigmund Socks, or Prof… Read More

In a new series that I’m going to call “Wait, what?!”, comes PRPS Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans. Jeans, who cares right? But wait a sec… These are no ordinary jeans Gadgeteers. These jeans are covered in mud and have a price tag of $425 a pair! Nordstrom describes them as “Americana workwear that’s seen some… Read More

Swimsuit season will be here before we know it and that means shopping for a new suit. ThinkGeek has the perfect swimsuit choice for females of the geek persuasion. Their Star Trek:TNG one-piece swimsuit has been modeled after the ST:TNG uniform to show your allegiance to Starfleet while swimming in the pool, ocean or lounging on… Read More

It’s about time that we start seeing pants with a dedicated pocket for your smartphone. Japanese brand Muji is now offering a new line of 100% cotton denim slim jeans for men that have a pocket on the back right hip. The location of this 6th pocket helps prevent the wearer from inadvertently sitting on… Read More

Do you enjoy doing laundry? If you answered yes, then click the back button on your browser because this isn’t a review that you need to read. But if you answered no, then stick with me because Ably Apparel with Filium might have the perfect shirts, hoodies, and sweatpants for your laundry hating heart. What is… Read More

So.  I’ve never reviewed a pair of socks before and I have to tell you this is the first time doing a review that I’ve actually been scared. When you do a review, you have to be able to use the item a lot, and then be able to tell the world how it functioned… Read More

I love wearing jeans.  About a year ago, my company relaxed its dress code from jeans only on Fridays to jeans every day. Every. Day. And my job satisfaction went up several notches. Shortly after this, I discovered the existence of jeans with a bit of stretch to them (which is helpful for guys who actually work out)… Read More

Do you feel that, “Pants pinch your jiblets and are clearly a sub-optimal part of any man’s attire”? If so, you might want to check out Damn Near Kilt ‘Em, producers and purveyors of—you guessed it—men’s “sport utility kilts” since 2012. Damn Near Kilt ‘Em’s rugged, manly kilts are available in a variety of styles, sizes and… Read More

What do you get when you cross a sleeping bag, a “puffy” style coat and a blanket? My best guess would be a Rumpl. Billed as “high performance blankets,” Rumpl uses technical materials designed for the outdoor industry to produce blankets for indoor OR outdoor use, making them great for snuggling up by a campfire or… Read More

Hot head? The Evaporative Cooling Cap will keep your noggin 20 degrees cooler than the surrounding air. How does it do that? The cap’s liner and brim are made of a special material that allows moisture to evaporate for hours after just a two minute “charging” in cold water. This cap looks like the perfect… Read More

While this news blurb is not about tech gear or gadgets, those of you Superman, Batman, and/or Wonder Woman fans might be interested to know that Under Armour has created the Batman vs. Superman Alter Ego Collection…just in time for the new Dawn of Justice movie hitting theaters next month. The Gadgeteer Kid and I both have… Read More

With Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens breaking records daily, the popularity of that Galaxy Far, Far Away is at an all-time high. So what better time for Betabrand to introduce their crowd-funded Smuggler’s Jacket. Inspired by the jacket worn by everyone’s favorite scruffy-looking nerf herder in Star Wars: Episode VI – The Empire… Read More