HAVA T01 portable washing machine review –  Big cleaning in a small space!

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REVIEW – I didn’t live in a dorm in college, nor did I live in apartments that had laundry facilities. Keeping clothes clean was daunting, inconvenient, and sometimes destructive. On one occasion, a timed lock on a laundromat door stranded me without my clothes, belongings, and car keys, resulting in a close encounter with the local sheriff. Everything turned out ok, but it was the kind of story I’ll tell my grandkids someday. Another time, the previous user left several crayons in the washer, resulting in an entire load of destroyed dress shirts. On another visit, several pairs of jeans decided to “walk away” while I used the lavatory. When I bought my house, my first purchase was a washer – it ranked before a bed, refrigerator, and stove. Yep, laundry is serious business, and I was thrilled to have a look at the HAVA T01 portable washing machine.

What is it?

The HAVA T01 is a small motorized electrical appliance for cleaning clothes and linens.

What’s included?

  • HAVA T01 washing machine
  • Drain hose
  • Water supply hose
  • Protective bottom base and screws
  • User manual

Tech specs

  • Model: HAVA T01
    Wash Capacity: 6.6 pounds / 3 kilograms
  • Spin capacity: 6.6 pounds / 3 kilograms
  • Water levels:
  • L1: 10.6 L / 2.8 US gallons
  • L2: 13.6 L / 3.6 US gallons
  • L3: 15.2 L / 4 US gallons
  • L4: 18.2 L / 4.8 US gallons
  • Power input: 120V, 60Hz
  • Rated Power: 200 Watts
  • Noise level: Wash ≥60 dB, Spin ≥70 dB
  • Water supply pressure: 0.03 to 1.0Mpa / 4.4 to 145 PSI
  • Drain Hose Length: 47inches / 1.2 meters
  • Water Supply Hose Length: 47 inches / 1.2 meters
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 17.9 x 28.5 in. / 42 x 45.5 x 72.5 cm.
  • Net Weight: 40 lb. / 18 kg

Design and features

The HAVA T01 portable washing machine arrives in a large cardboard box. It’s relatively heavy at 40 pounds.

Hava T01 Washing Machine 01

The packaging was minimal, but there was no damage to the washer.

Hava T01 Washing Machine 02

Hava T01 Washing Machine 03

There’s minimal assembly – the bottom protective plate secures with two screws. There are also leveling feet to keep the T01 stable during vigorous spinning.

Hava T01 Washing Machine 09

Hava T01 Washing Machine 10

Hava T01 Washing Machine 11

The drain line is attached to an included hose and spring clip.

Hava T01 Washing Machine 08

An included hose supplies water through a 3/4-inch hose connection, but a separate purchase of sink adapters is probably going to be needed because, in the U.S., having a garden hose spigot in kitchens or bathrooms is uncommon. Including some adapters to reduce the possibility of a hardware store run would have been advantageous. I would recommend a rubber cap that would fit a variety of bathtub faucets and some screw-on aerator adapters for kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Hava T01 Washing Machine 05

The HAVA T01 portable washing machine receives power from a 120-volt wall plug, but A slightly longer cord would be better. The cord can be stored on hooks when not in use.

Hava T01 Washing Machine 12

The top cover has soft-close hinges.

Hava T01 Washing Machine 04

There are Power, Water Level/Child Lock control buttons, Program/Timer, and Start/Pause buttons. The central alphanumeric display provides information for remaining wash time (minutes), start delay time (hours), and error codes. There are individual indicators for wash modes (Normal, Quick, Gentle, Heavy, Soak, Rinse + Spin, Spin, and Tub Clean), Child Lock, and Timer.

Hava T01 Washing Machine 17

Under the HAVA T01 portable washing machine’s hood is a sturdy stainless-steel drum.

Hava T01 Washing Machine 06


Since I didn’t have the sink adapters, I installed the T01 in my garage near a convenient hose spigot. There were no leaks in the water line or drain hose with only hand tightening. A little longer hose would make sense.

Capacity is 6.6 pounds, enough for nine shirts, four pairs of lightweight pants or dresses, a jacket, a few pairs of jeans, or 15 “unmentionables” :-). I fed it a full drum, set the highest water level, and set it running on the “Normal” cycle.

The T01 doesn’t dry clothes, but it works well in removing water during the spin cycle. Clothes must be popped into a dryer, air-dried on a clothesline or hangers, or draped over a radiator to complete the job. I can work with that.

I was impressed with the cleaning capabilities and found the T01 did a great job on lightly soiled clothes.

Hava T01 Washing Machine 14

Next, I loaded some dirty, oily clothes on the “Heavy” setting. A little more than an hour later, this is the difference.

Hava T01 Washing Machine 15

Hava T01 Washing Machine 16

The HAVA T01 portable washing machine uses gravity to empty wastewater, so the manual states that the drain can’t be raised more than four inches above the floor. I confirmed this is the case, a significant disappointment. Floor drains are plentiful in many countries but virtually non-existent in kitchens, bathrooms, and apartments here in the U.S. Lacking the ability to pump water out limits the T01’s usage without careful planning. It could sit on a countertop, tub, or walk-in shower, but that’s not ideal and possibly a safety issue. However, I think the T01 would work very well in an elevated location like an RV.

What I like about the HAVA T01 portable washing machine

  • It is portable and fits where other washing machines don’t
  • Easy to use
  • Cleans effectively
  • Removes most water during the spin cycle
  • Quiet

What needs to be improved?

  • Add faucet adapters for standard fixture sizes
  • Add a pump to allow waste water to pump into a sink
  • A longer cord, drain hose, and supply line would be desirable.

Final thought

In my younger years, I would have traded my bed for a washing machine and slept on the floor. I was not too fond of lugging the laundromat and dragging detergent. The HAVA T01 portable washing machine would have been a lifesaver! It does a commendable job washing and spinning the water from clothes, is quiet and efficient, and is an excellent choice for locations with a floor drain. However, the lack of a waste pump might make placement a challenge. Thank you, HAVA!

Price: $229.00
Where to buy: HAVA and Amazon
Source: HAVA provided a free sample for this review but did not provide input, guidance, or editing before it was published.

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