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Dygma Raise 2 News

NEWS – Dygma is back at it, this time building off of the excellent Raise split mechanical keyboard with a new iteration – the Raise 2.  Over the past seven years of being entrenched in the ergonomic keyboard rabbit hole, the Raise platform has easily been my favorite full-split keyboard in terms of features, build quality, and ease of use.

The Raise 2 maintains the hybrid split design (full split, or connect the two halves for a traditional slab keyboard) with a typical staggered key layout, and brings some new features to bear.  Integrated tenting, wireless, and RBG underglow can be added from the factory for a zero-fuss experience out of the box.  If you’re looking for a columnar layout, check out the Dygma Defy.

It’s also worth mentioning the folks at Dygma have been very engaged with their community for years on Reddit and Discord, and their customer service is outstanding.

Pre-orders are open through April 2024 and are expected to begin shipping in October 2024, with additional colors being unlocked as pre-order targets are met.  Those who pre-order will get a tangible savings which makes the price highly competitive to other ergonomic keyboards in this tier of quality and feature set.  If you’re in the market for something new this year, this is absolutely worth a look.

Where to buy: Dygma
Price: Pre-order configurations start at $299, retail configurations start at $369

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