The KapCo x Ilustrata Nekomancer keycap set review – The cutest little hell raiser you’ll see all day

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REVIEW – The KapCo has a new series of mechanical keyboard keycap sets, desk mats, and wristrests that they are calling the KapCo Artist series, so when asked if I wanted to review a set, you know, I said yes. I chose the Nekomancer set, which is a collaboration between The KapCo and Ilustrata, an illustration studio based in Brazil. So the question is, do you like a little dose of whimsy on your desktop? Are you looking to raise your own army of the kitty undead? If so, this set of keycaps could be just what you’re looking for. Scroll on down quickly so we don’t draw the ire of the great and powerful feline wizard known as The Nekomancer!

What is it?

The Nekomancer collection is a set of keycaps, desk mats, and wrist rests with an anime-inspired design to add a splash of color and playfulness to your drab desktop and otherwise boring mechanical keyboard.

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What’s included?

I received the following for review but all can be purchased separately:

  • 121 keycaps
  • Keycap and switch puller
  • Deskmat with storage bag
  • Wrist rest

Tech specs

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  • ASA Profile
  • PC and PBT construction
  • Dye-sublimated
  • Standard ANSI layout


  • 40 x 90 cm
  • 3mm thickness
  • Micro woven surface with anti-slip rubber base
  • Dye-sublimated

Wrist rest:

  • 45 x 8.5 cm
  • 3 cm thickness
  • Anti-slip silicone base and comfort sponge filling
  • Dye-sublimated


Design and features

The KapCo x Ilustrata Nekomancer keycaps are a pudding-style keycap set, so if you love RGB LED lighting up your desktop, don’t worry—you’ll be able to see them just fine. I, however, do not, so when I received the set, I installed them on my custom keyboard, which can be seen here.

kapco nekomancer 12

The caps themselves are made from two different types of plastic to achieve the look. The base is PC, while the tops are PBT, and the artwork is dye-sublimate printed. So they should look as good as the day you bought them for quite some time with no shine. The ASA profile is nice. I like taller, more rounded keycaps versus the more square, sharper-edged types.

kapco nekomancer 3

I’ve read that they tend to be thockier in sound as well. I can’t confirm that, but I do like how they sound on my baby.

And you can’t deny that these aren’t some of the cutest modifiers out there.

kapco nekomancer 2

I mean, a wizard kitty bringing his lost brethren back to life? C’mon.

kapco nekomancer 4

I think The KapCo has stepped up their game a little too. This set of caps feel better than some of the other sets I’ve reviewed. They are very similar to the Medusa set I reviewed. The only thing I can say I don’t like about the set is the font tends to look a bit fuzzy. I know it’s an issue with the dye-sublimation printing, but it would be nice if The Kapco could get them a little crisper.

The Nekomancer deskmat and wrist rest continue the fun with the same artwork as seen on the keycaps.

kapco nekomancer 8

Typically, I’m not one to go with a cat theme on my desk. I’m more of a dog man, but I love the artwork and color scheme. My kids are disappointed because I told them I wouldn’t be passing this set on to one of them in the near future.

kapco nekomancer 9

The desk mat’s construction is good. Its thickness is perfectly fine, and the edges are double-stitched, so it does what a desk mat should do: It stays where you put it and allows low friction for your mouse.

kapco nekomancer 10

The wrist rest is very comfy with what feels like memory foam, and to combat the smoothness of the desk mat, it has a silicone coating on the bottom.

kapco nekomancer 11

What I like about TheKapCo x Ilustrata Nekomancer set

  • The overall design is fun and colorful
  • Keycaps feel and sound good
  • Desk mat and wrist rest are well made and less expensive than others I’ve seen

What needs to be improved?

  • Crisper fonts

Final thoughts

kapco nekomancer 13

I like what The KapCo and Ilustrata have done with this set. The colors pop, the subject matter makes me smile, and the prices are, as always, very reasonable for what you’re getting. Go check them out on The KapCo site and get you a set. Just don’t be surprised if you start seeing more cats around your home! You’ve been warned. And if cat’s really aren’t your thing, check out my other keycap set reviews from The KapCo.

Price: Keycaps – $79.90, Deksmat – $49.90, Wrist rest – $29.90
Where to buy: The KapCo
Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by The KapCo. The KapCo did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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