The Kapco Greekeys Medusa Keycaps and Deskmat review – It’s perfectly safe to stare into those eyes

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REVIEW – The Kapco team is always coming up with new designs for the keyboard nerds of the world. The latest in the lineup is their Greekeys line, and what I have here is the Medusa set. Being a kid of the 80’s, I was enthralled by The Clash of the Titans. Does anyone else remember that? Harry Hamlin, Pegasus, Bubo, Medusa? Medusa in that movie was nothing to look at, pun intended. Not so here. Check out what The Kapco has done.

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What is it?

The Kapco Greekeys Medusa line includes a set of PBT, pudding-type keycaps, and a quality desk mat, each sold separately.

What’s in the box?

  • Keycaps – 121 KSA profile PBT
  • Desk mat – 1 desk mat

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Design and features

The Kapco Greekeys Medusa keycap set starts with high-quality PBT plastic, in two layers.

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The top layer is printed with dye-sublimation, so the graphics will last for a long time, and the caps won’t develop a shine. The second layer is transparent and brown in color.

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So you get a pudding-style cap to show off your LEDs, if you so choose, and still get to see the graphics on the caps easily. The PBT plastic used is a good thickness, so there’s no flimsy feeling. They also have a very slight texture to them.

theKapco greekeys medusa 6

The KSA profile is said to be one of the most ergonomic heights for typing. I can’t say how true that is. There are so many different profiles available out there, but I do like their shape. Since the set comes with 121 keycaps with a decent range of sizes, they’re compatible with any number of boards ranging from 60% up to 100%.

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Although I will admit, they will look better on a complimentary colored case. I’d prefer to have them on an olive-colored keyboard, but alas, I don’t have one. The white one I used was about the best I had to show them off.

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The Medusa deskmat is 40cm x 90cm, or 14.75 in x 35.4 in for us Yanks. It has an anti-slip rubber base with a smooth, micro-woven, water-resistant surface. Think neoprene. It’s 3mm thick with double-stitched edges. The graphics are sharp and crisp. It’s certainly an interesting take on Medusa and a huge departure from the hag in the movie. It’s a great size and looks good if you’re into the manga/anime style.

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What I like

  • Quality materials used in both the caps and the desk mat
  • Good price for each
  • Fun design

What I’d change

  • Nothing

Final thoughts

I know the design isn’t for everyone, and I’m sure The Kapco knows it. That’s why they offer all kinds of keycaps and mats. There’s even an alternative design of the Medusa desk mat if you can’t avoid the gaze of the one I chose. I have a couple of my kids who are already having heated discussions about who gets each. Maybe I’ll make them have a staring contest with Medusa to see who wins.

Price: Keycaps $90, Desk mat $50
Where to buy: The Kapco
Source: The sample of this product was provided by The Kapco.

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