Wine accessory

The TRIbella Wine Aerator is designed to pour and aerate your red wine with both “joy and elegance”. This multi-stream wine aeration device strives to make pouring your wine simple, elegant, and drip free. That’s all fine but let’s see how well it does during a couple evenings with my wife’s Friday night wine club on whether… Read More

My wife and her ‘wine club’ meet most Friday evenings to relax and enjoy a bottle or two of some new wine they have discovered. They have done this for years. So when Julie has some new wine gadget that looks like it has the potential to be fun for me and the Club, I… Read More

Want a wine fridge, but you just don’t have room for one in your tiny kitchen?  Well, now you do have room with the Ultra Slim Wine Refrigerator.  Measuring only 37.5″ tall x 9.8″ wide x 20.25″ deep, it can fit in places where standard wine fridges could never fit.  Despite its small size, it has two-zone… Read More

With the Savino Wine Saver Carafe, you decant a bottle of wine and then insert the float.  You can serve the wine directly from the carafe without removing the float.  If any wine is left, the float keeps oxygen away from the liquid’s surface and keeps the wine fresh for up to a week.  The… Read More

I don’t know much (ok I don’t know anything) about wine. But I do know that traditionally, the best wines have been stored in oak barrels as part of the aging process. The wooden barrels impart flavor, color and even texture to the fermenting beverage. That’s for the good stuff though. If your budget is more… Read More

The Vitesse Aerator is a two-piece set that was designed with dual functions – to easily decant and aerate wine.  The set consists of a mouth-blown, lead-free crystal decanter and an adapter that fits securely onto both bottle and decanter for a stable, hands-free decanting.  The crystal decanter has a “narrow neck and wide base… Read More

Roommates, cleaning staff, house guests – it doesn’t matter who, but you may find you need a way to prevent someone from drinking your expensive wines and liquors.  If you don’t have a locking cabinet, or if you don’t mind people helping themselves to some but not all of your bar stock, you can use… Read More

I swear my wife and her friends are in search of the perfect bottle of wine (think of it as looking for the end of the internet), and they will be on this never-ending crusade to their dying days ;). Over the years, the conversation of aeration has come up many, many times. Our various… Read More

I have a confession to make.  Before this review, I’ve never consumed wine from a cardboard box container.  It’s not that I’m a wine snob, it’s just that the limited number of wines I enjoy, only come in bottles.  So, the makers of the Boxxle provided me with their 3 liter bag-in-box dispenser so that I could… Read More

You can instantly improve the taste of the wine you serve by using the Deluxe Aerator and Pourer from HOST Studios.  The aerator has a sculptural quality that makes the proper aeration of your wine as simple as tilting the wine bottle.  “With HOST’s variable aeration, perfectly aerate anything from your lightest Pinot noir to… Read More

There are various wines out there, red, white, Chablis, Riesling, etc. but no matter what kind of wine you desire there are those out there that like their wine served at room temperature  and some who prefer it chilled.    However, keeping wine in one’s refrigerator can make the wine too cold and not properly… Read More

What do you do if you’ve opened a bottle of wine but didn’t finish it?  Thumbs Up, a UK-based company, has the answer to that question with their Automatic Wine Preserver.  This battery-operated device fits over the bottle opening; press a button, and the Wine Preserver automatically pumps out up to 75% of the air… Read More