Aircork The Wine Preserver is an ingenious way of maintaining your wine’s flavor and aroma

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NEWS – When my wife and I enjoy a bottle of wine and we don’t finish the bottle right away, it would be nice to have a better way of preserving the flavors and aromas of that elegant beverage than a mere cork or even a stopper, neither of which will effectively prevent the air trapped in the bottle allowing the oxidation process to break down wine and cause its taste and scent to deteriorate.   This is where Aircork The Wine Preserver comes in.  It’s a device that seals the remaining wine in the bottle from the outside air, preserving the initial flavors and aromas.  Aircork works by placing its deflated balloon inside of a partially-empty bottle of wine, then squeezing the pump, which inflates the bladder and seals the wine off from ambient air and its wine-attacking oxygen.  The inflated bladder seals tightly enough that the bottle can be turned upside down without leaking.  To pour more wine from the bottle, open the release valve a bit to deflate the bladder.   Aircork The Wine Preserver is available in Burgundy, White, Charcoal, or Barrel Shape  (Charcoal) pumps, each for $25.95.  Visit for more information or to order.

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