Remove the chemicals that cause headaches and congestion from wine

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purewine filter wand 1

NEWS – Do you suffer from headaches, sinus congestion, and red cheeks when you drink wine?  If so, you may be sensitive to the histamines and sulfites that are found in wine.  The PureWine wand filter could remove these chemicals without adversely affecting the flavor, taste, or aroma of the wine, so you can enjoy a glass without suffering the nasty side effects.  And the PureWine filter is the only one on the market that can remove both sulfites and histamines.

purewine filter wand 2

The PureWine filter is made of polypropylene and cellulose fabric, with nanopore beads for filtering.  The wands are food-safe and BPA-free.  To filter, place the PureWine wand into a 6-8 ounce glass of wine and swirl.  Leave it in the glass for 3-8 minutes, then dispose of the single-use wand.  Each wand is individually wrapped, so you can keep a couple in your bag for use in restaurants or at parties.

A package of 10 single-use filters is available for $19.95; a 30-pack is $54.95.  You may purchase the PureWine wand filters at The Grommet.

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