eto is the newest device to help keep your wine fresh

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NEWS – Have you ever wanted to crack open a bottle of wine, only to hesitate because you’re the only one who likes reds and doesn’t want to spoil the whole bottle? It happens regularly in our house, as one of us prefers reds, while the other prefers whites. I stumbled upon a Kickstarter for “eto: a beautiful innovation in wine preservation.”


This decanter opens the flavors of the wine while the preserver keeps the most dangerous wine enemy, air, from contacting the surface of the wine once sealed and keeps it fresh for up to 7 days. The eto is designed for wine enthusiasts who don’t necessarily drink an entire bottle in one sitting, or who want to savor their bottle throughout the week.

The eto Kickstarter has reached full funding and orders are currently shipping. However, you can still order eto via Indiegogo. Options include either the copper or stainless steel finish at a price point of $96-$109 USD each with a discount if you order multiple units. Note that units aren’t due to ship until July.

5 thoughts on “eto is the newest device to help keep your wine fresh”

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  2. I assume you’ve received yours? I’m in Canada and still waiting on delivery of mine. Looking forward to receiving them.

    What do you think of the construction? Most importantly though – what do you think of the functionality? Does it preserve wines for as long as touted in your testing?

    1. Brad, thank for the comment. Actually, I have yet to receive ours, but they have shipped and tracking shows them to be en route. So I haven’t had a chance to test them yet. The data presented in the news article is from their site, so I’ll be interested as well to test it out once we get them. I have high hopes, as we’ve been waiting for quite some time.

      1. Mine arrived and gave it a try for three days. There was a slight change in the nose, but otherwise the flavor was nearly identical!

        I picked up a cold and ended up leaving 2/3 of a bottle in the ETO for 11 days while I was sick and not drinking. That wine didn’t fair well at all. Not completely spoiled, but very much on its way out.

        I suspect if this can help to extend leftover wine by a few days with no changes, that is the typical ‘maximum’ I’d ever find myself to need. It is a quality device and am looking forward to ‘testing’ it some more 🙂

  3. I have received mine and so far so good. Wine has tasted good a few days later with no real change in taste from first glass to last. I live in the UK so think was one of the earlier ones to arrive.
    Design is lovely and easy to clean and put together.

    1. Nichola, thank you! We are still waiting for ours to arrive. They mailed it once and put the wrong ZIP code, it ended up disappearing into the USPS system. We have spent weeks and weeks going back and forth with the customer support before finally getting a new tracking number to watch. We have our fingers crossed that it’ll actually show up! It is great to hear that customers have received their items and that it is working as intended!

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