Saddleback Leather Hard Leather iPad Pro Case review

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REVIEW – For each of the past 2 years, I have invested in the newly released iPad 12.9″ Pro tablet for that year. I have become very dependent on using the iPad for many tasks including my daily email and MS Office tasks as well as for video and photo editing. The investment in the iPad is relatively expensive, so I always keep a lookout for any new case that will protect my device and if it can conquer fit, finish and function, then it is a winner. I recently received the Saddleback Leather Hard Leather iPad Pro case for review. At first glance, it is very attractive. Let’s see if it is just all looks or if it has much more to offer.

What is it?

The Saddleback Leather iPad case is an attractive and sleek iPad Pro 12.9″ case designed as a protective carry case and stand.

What’s in the box

1 x iPad Leather Case for 12.9″ iPad Pro

Design and features

This leather iPad case is available in four colors which are tobacco, dark coffee brown, chestnut, and black. For this review, the case is the dark brown. It is an attractive case with well-done edge stitching and leather straps on one side and loops on the other to accommodate the straps. There is a cutout on the sides with the loops to accommodate the camera.

The outside of the case is “finished” leather while the inside has the raw look. There are “pockets” on each edge that are holders for the iPad.

The picture below shows the iPad inserted into the case with the Apple pencil attached. For the 2018 iPad, the Apple pencil attaches and charges magnetically on the iPad.

The next picture below shows how the cover of the case is bent backward and the leather straps are inserted into the loops to allow the case to function as an upright stand.


When the case is closed, it allows the Apple pencil to remain attached and charging as necessary. It is quite slim and when closed everything feels safe and secure.

There are sufficient openings on each side that allow access to the speakers and USB-C port.

When the case is utilized as a stand, it reverses the orientation of the iPad so that the pencil is on the bottom which for my use is very inconvenient. It is almost impossible for me to remove or replace the pencil without lifting the case. When the case is bent to form the stand, at least one edge of the iPad tends to pop out of its holding pocket, and in one instance almost resulted in me dropping the iPad. Also, in the position as a stand, it works well on a desk or hard surface, but not so comfortable for hand holding or in my lap.

One other issue is that I noticed that the case scratches easily, so I am not sure if it will look nice and rustic over time, or just a complete mess.

What I like

  • The sophisticated look
  • The quality of the leather and construction

What can be improved

  • The design for use as a stand
  • The finish or type of leather that needs to be more resistant to scratches
  • The surrounding pockets/holders for the iPad
  • The design that allows the iPad and pencil to be in the correct orientation when the case is being used as a stand
  • A design that allows practical use when in your lap

Final thoughts

The Saddleback Leather iPad case is made from really nice quality leather and looks very attractive and professional. The stitching is well done and it just looks like quality. However, from a functional perspective, the design needs a bit more thought so that the fit and function match the materials used. While it may add to a sophisticated look when carrying your iPad, I do not find its function practical for my daily use. Maybe this is just my issue, but I do suspect that many users will experience the same.

Price: $129
Where to buy: Saddleback website
Sample: The sample for this review was provided by Saddleback Leather Company.

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  2. The leather is full grain, so scratches deepen and grow darker and it starts to look really good after a few months of use. The leather is incredibly high quality, which is why you find it at a higher price point. 🙂

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