Take your favorite bottles of wine with you when you travel because why not?

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NEWS – This next time you go on an epic adventure and don’t want to leave your best bottles of wine at home, you won’t have to. That’s because FlyWithWine has designed luggage and backpacks to both hold and dispense your favorite libations. If a backpack is your luggage of choice, FlyWithWine has the VinXplorer backpack and Vin2Go case. The first holds a bladder filled with vino so you can enjoy a glass while traveling, and the Vin2Go case is designed to hold two bottles. If two bottles just won’t cut it, never fear because you can carry up to 12 bottles with their Grande 12-bottle rolling suitcase. It should be obvious that you’ll need to check these bags if you’re taking a flight, but if you’re on a road trip, stow them in the back, and you’re good to go! The price of these wine holding bags starts at $39.95 for the Vin2Go case and goes up to $379.95 for the Grande 12-bottle rolling luggage. Head over to FlyWithWine.com and Amazon for more info.

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