These ladles appear to be named after the Loch Ness Monster of the Scottish Highlands, but they remind me more of Dino the dinosaur from the Flintstones cartoons. Either way, they are cute as heck and will bring a smile to the face of anyone who uses one. Available through the Animi Causa Boutique, these… Read More

Today is Black Friday, the official beginning of the holiday shopping season.  Coming up with gift ideas for everyone can be difficult, but here are a couple of ideas for the coffee and tea lovers. The Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker has everything that the coffee lover needs to make a perfect cup of… Read More

If you are bored with your daily cup of Darjeeling and are looking to add new flavors to your morning tea routine, check out these fun Fandoms Sampler Sets from Adagio Teas. $39 will get you 10 one-ounce metal tins filled with themed signature blends of teas. Sets include Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Potter’s Potions, Sherlock… Read More

The Magisso Teacup is a unique tea pot that doubles as a tea cup. On one side of the vessel is a section that holds loose tea leaves, which are strained with the built in strainer that can be removed for washing. The base of the Teacup has a pivot so that hot water will… Read More

Do I have facts to back up this incredible claim? Ummm… yeah, I do. I know that tea drinkers like myself are way more fun than stodgy coffee drinkers because we can use cute tea infusers like this one from Arta. Designed in Seattle, WA, this tea infuser features a flower pot shaped stainless steel… Read More

Wacky Practicals has developed a new take on the conventional tea kettle, a collapsible version that is made of silicone.  The Pack Away Kettle has a stainless steel base that does conduct heat so it will stay hot after boiling.  It is safe for all heat sources, electric, conduction, and gas stoves.  Now you can… Read More

Your coffee swigging buddies will be Green with envy when they see your Tea-Rex Tea Infuser from the NeatoShop. It’s made of food-safe silicone with a stainless steel chain. It’s cute as a button and is available for $9.95… Read More

Apparently, they also make really cool tea infusers. The Tea Duckie from Fredflare.com swims around in your cup of English Breakfast (or in my case Stash Tea Organic Premium White) while it allows your fave tea to impart its caffenated goodness to a cup of hot water. The $12 3-piece tea set includes a base… Read More

The Teafu looks a little like something you’d see on the latest sci-fi alien abduction flick. In reality, it’s not so scary. It’s a loose leaf tea infuser from Dreamfarm. Available in a variety of colors, this infuser has a premium grade dishwasher safe silicone pod that holds the tea leaves. By squeezing the pod… Read More

Here’s one for my fellow tea enthusiasts. It’s the TeaSub submarine shaped tea infuser. It’s made of dishwasher safe silicone and looks cute as a button. You can find it a Giftlab for £7.95 [Via Gizmodo]… Read More

Ok, this came out of left field… Chris Pirillo of lockergnome fame has teamed up with Mighty Leaf Tea company to create a smooth and energizing green tea called Geekalicious. The description is a genmaicha-style loose tea, blended with Japanese green tea and popped and toasted rice, a unique combination of green tea leaves and… Read More

The Rosendahl Tea Ball is an interestingly designed tea infuser made of stainless steel and Black nylon. Pressing the button on the narrow end opens a spoon that can be filled with tea. Let go of the button to close it back up and place in hot water… Read More

I love a hot cup of tea in the morning to go along with my breakfast. During the work week, I typically drink Stash Tea Premium White tea from individually packaged tea bags. On the weekend I’m more adventurous and like to try different loose teas. I’ll either use a French press or a mesh… Read More