Adagio Fandom Tea Sets – Harry Potter + caffeine = I want a cuppa

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If you are bored with your daily cup of Darjeeling and are looking to add new flavors to your morning tea routine, check out these fun Fandoms Sampler Sets from Adagio Teas. $39 will get you 10 one-ounce metal tins filled with themed signature blends of teas. Sets include Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Potter’s Potions, Sherlock, Pokemon, The Hobbit and several others. As an example, the Hermione Granger Tea from the Harry Potter set is described as sweet, bright, vibrant notes, with just a lingering smell of parchment and ink. If that one doesn’t sound like your cup of tea (sorry, couldn’t resist), then how about the Bilbo Brew from The Hobbit set. It’s described as a deep, warming blend of traditional tea flavors, perfect for the shire, rich enough for a Baggins, but with just enough of a spicy edge to get you ready for a great adventure. Any set would make a fun gift for your tea sipping friends and family.

4 thoughts on “Adagio Fandom Tea Sets – Harry Potter + caffeine = I want a cuppa”

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  2. OMG, Mass Effect and Dr Who tea samplers…. It would be interesting to try but a little out of my price point… I guess I will have to stick to Mr Lipton… 🙂

    1. @Larry Larry Larry…. Lipton? Are you serious? I’ve never considered myself a tea snob, but ummmm…. Lipton? Say it isn’t so! I need to send you some tea my friend…

  3. You know us poor slobs in the desert, living like we are in the Thunder Dome. Sharing out tea and milk just like the poor souls from the Great Escape… We live the daily struggle for a proper cup of tea 😉 Maybe I should write a novel about this tragedy lol.

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