Major Tom, take your protein pills and put your kettle on*

Any tea you make with this infuser will be out of this world!  The Space Capsule Tea Infuser holds loose-leaf tea in the capsule, and the astronaut tethered up for some extravehicular activity fits over the edge of your cup to act as the counterweight for brewing.  This is a ThinkGeek design and available exclusively through them.

The infuser is made of food contact-safe stainless steel.  It measures 1.5″ diameter at the base x 1.75″ tall and has a 5.5″ chain.  To add tea, simply unscrew the “ablative heat shield” on the bottom of the capsule.

The Space Capsule Tea Infuser is $9.99, exclusively at ThinkGeek.

*With apologies to David Bowie

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