Magisso Teacup – A Twist on Tea Brewing

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The Magisso Teacup is a unique tea pot that doubles as a tea cup. On one side of the vessel is a section that holds loose tea leaves, which are strained with the built in strainer that can be removed for washing. The base of the Teacup has a pivot so that hot water will flow into the infuser section when it’s tipped one way, but will hold the leaves out of the water when it’s tipped in the opposite direction. It’s a cool design, but the only bad thing I see is that it’s made of plastic. I’m pretty leary of using any type of plastic (even BPA free) to cook in. I would rather see a ceramic version of this product. If you don’t mind plastic, you can find the Magisso Teacup at various online retailers like Uncommon Goods for around $22.

[Via Akibalive]

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