Enhance the flavor of cheap wine with the Oak Bottle

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I don’t know much (ok I don’t know anything) about wine. But I do know that traditionally, the best wines have been stored in oak barrels as part of the aging process. The wooden barrels impart flavor, color and even texture to the fermenting beverage. That’s for the good stuff though. If your budget is more in line with the types of wine that you might find at your local Walmart, there’s still a way to improve their flavor – at least that’s what the folks at Oak Bottle claim. Their individual wooden bottles will impart oak flavor notes into wine in as little as 24 to 48 hours instead of several years. The bottles are priced from $60 to $90 each and are available in plain oak or oak with a variety of added flavors such as citrus, maple, cherry and more. Visit Oakbottle.com for more info.

8 thoughts on “Enhance the flavor of cheap wine with the Oak Bottle”

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  2. Wine drinking, Well I think I might fit in the category that drinks maybe 2 bottles of wine a YEAR. Now I’m not one to drop $100+ on a bottle, I also won’t be buying the $4.99 walmart special either. For as little as I drink wine (I prefer ciders) I don’t mind dropping $40/$50 a bottle.

  3. I have to comment. I live in the wine region of N. California. Almost everyone around here is wine savvy and this product would surely produce more than a few snickers. No, you cannot make lousy wine better by putting it in a wooden bottle. And good wine would almost certainly be degraded by such a device. Don’t fall for this kind of foolishness!

    1. I too live 40 minutes drive from the wine country. I don’t know much about wine, but I do enjoy a glass here and there. My neighbors has a vineyard and a friend of mine is a wine maker for another vineyard, so I have heard a lot about wine making.

      That bottle would be good for the game where you have 3 things for which 2 are hoaxes and 1 not, and you have to pick out the one that is true.

  4. Those silly vineyards aging their wines in oak barrels for months or years, when 24-48 hours in a wooden container will do the trick. I say we push the envelope and shoot for 24-48 minutes.

  5. Added flavors? Citrus, Cherry? Why? Until I read testimonials from wine experts that this product makes the wine taste better then I’ll pass as I reckon most people with a shred of wine knowledge will do

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