Anuent Leather Convertible Briefcase Backpack review – Luscious leather luxury luggage

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Anuent Leather Briefcase 04

REVIEW – We all have preferences when it comes to carrying our gadgets around. I migrated from briefcase to backpack some years ago as they became more “business acceptable,” but there are times when the briefcase format is a more suitable choice. Why not both? Anuent’s Leather briefcase suits both configurations well, and, made of scrumptious leather, it’s beautiful, sturdy, and luxurious.

What is it?

The Anuent briefcase is a combination backpack and briefcase with external straps, zippered compartments, and internal pockets for organizing and transporting personal effects.

Hardware Specs

  • Weight: 3 Lbs (1.36kg)
  • Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 4.5 inches (406 x 304 x 114 mm)
  • Leather exterior construction
  • Heavy-duty nylon interior construction
  • Metal zippers and clasps

What’s in the Box?

  • Anuent leather briefcase
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Thank you and care letter

Design and Features

The Anuent leather briefcase arrived in a sealed plastic bag and does not need additional packaging.

Anuent Leather Briefcase 02

The briefcase was filled with newspapers so prevent folding that could damage the leather during shipping. I appreciated that Anuent recycles!

Anuent Leather Briefcase 01

The leather used is beautiful and tough.

Anuent Leather Briefcase 05

Zippers are metal and should withstand lots of wear and tear. All the zippers are single-pull, meaning they only open and close from a single direction. For travel to areas with a proclivity for pilferage, adding a method to secure the zippers closed and locked would be a welcomed update.

Anuent Leather Briefcase 06

The Anuent’s stitching is top-notch. My wife is an expert seamstress and was impressed with the attention to detail.

Anuent Leather Briefcase 07

For briefcase-style hand carrying, there is a padded strap mounted to the back wall. It’s equipped with a snap to pair it with the front-mounted strap.

Anuent Leather Briefcase 08

When not in use, the front hand strap is hidden inside a zippered pocket. It should be noted that this pocket can’t be closed with the hand strap deployed.

Anuent Leather Briefcase 09

Here are the hand straps joined together. Very nice!

Anuent Leather Briefcase 10

Included is a matching leather and nylon shoulder strap with robust spring-loaded clasps. I found it very comfortable.

Anuent Leather Briefcase 11

Hidden in the rear compartment of the Anuent leather briefcase are the backpack straps. Weight is well distributed using them.

Anuent Leather Briefcase 12

Anuent Leather Briefcase 13

D-rings and clamps are strong and should hold up to being yanked from the overhead compartment, vigorously jostled while rummaging through your pockets to find your hotel key, or accidentally snagged on the bench after losing track of time listening to “Dark Side of the Moon” and missing that super-important gate change announcement that will make you run from Terminal A to Terminal D.

Anuent Leather Briefcase 14

Those who have carried a leather backpack before know that it can get very warm. Anuent has wisely elected to add some nylon webbing to help the breathability while riding your back like Yoda.

Anuent Leather Briefcase 18

For added utility, there is a strap running across the back to place over the extending handle of your favorite rolling suitcase.

Anuent Leather Briefcase 23

Running across the top of the briefcase are two zippers that divide the larger compartments.

The internal fabric is strong nylon. Adjacent to the front is a zippered pocket that’s great for small items.

Anuent Leather Briefcase 17

Opposite the internal zippered pocket are a pair of open-top pockets for phones, pens, or assorted doodads.

Anuent Leather Briefcase 16

The rear compartment’s zipper wraps around the case on the top and both sides, allowing for easy access.

Anuent Leather Briefcase 15

Inside the Anuent leather briefcase is a padded section for a tablet or full-sized laptop and secures with a Velcro strap.

Anuent Leather Briefcase 19

The Anuent briefcase has an interior volume of about 850 cubic inches. It’s not huge by any means, but after several decades as a road warrior, I am a shockingly light packer. I’ve been on several four to eight-week international trips with nothing more than a backpack. This one is a tad smaller than I normally carry, but I think I could manage. I’ve used the “Army Roll” packing method and packing cubes to keep the contents tightly bundled, easy to disassemble by the most scrutinizing of inspectors, and x-ray ready. The Anuent’s wide-opening zippers also help with Leather is generally accepted, but before you travel, check your destination’s laws and customs to be sure it’s permitted. Many years ago a business associate was relieved of his luggage while overseas and his carry-on ended up being a plastic grocery bag.

Anuent Leather Briefcase 21Anuent Leather Briefcase 20

A special thank you to my daughter’s friend, Joe, for posing for the size comparison photos. My wife and I are both short in stature and might have made the bag appear larger.

On a personal note, I love the convertible nature of this bag for several reasons, but this one most of all:  My dear Gadgeteers and fellow travelers, please… please… please…with sugar on it… take your backpack off before you board the plane and carry it in front of you while walking down the aisle. If you don’t, you are smashing other passengers, pinching fingers, spilling coffee, and being a discourteous, uncivil, and disrespectful, Brahman bull.

What I Like

  • Sturdy
  • Great looking
  • Outstanding workmanship

What I Would Change

  • Add a mechanism to lock the zippers closed.

Final Thoughts

Anuent Leather Briefcase 03

The Anuent leather briefcase nicely embodies the best of both the backpack and briefcase worlds. Sturdy straps, internal pockets, metal zippers, and heavy-duty stitching make this bag an elegant way to carry your computer, gather your gadgets, pack your pants, and tote your toothbrush in style!

Price:  Lanterns – $99.99
Where to buy:  Anuent
Source: The sample for this review was supplied by Anuent.

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