Nomad Goods iPhone Leather Skins and Glass Screen Protectors review

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REVIEW – Do you prefer to keep your iPhone naked or in a case? For years, I was pro naked, but then I switched to an iPhone, and wow are they slippery! My iPhone 12 Pro Max is more like a warm stick of butter than a phone when it’s not in my favorite case (check my Julie’s Favorite Gear page if you want to know what case that is). Is there another way to add some grip to your iPhone without adding an actual case? I wanted to know the answer to that question so I accepted the offer to try out Nomad Good’s new leather iPhone skin and their screen protector. Let’s check them out.

What is it?

The Nomad Goods iPhone Leather Skin is a very thin 0.6mm layer of actual Horween leather that sticks to the back of your iPhone to protect it from wear and tear while adding some grip.

Nomad also sent me their tempered glass screen protector which is…well… a glass screen protector 😉

What’s in the leather skin package?

  • Leather skin


The leather skin is available in two colors dark brown and black. I was sent the dark brown version of the leather skin. The package does not include any instructions except for a QR code that links to a video that shows the install procedure which is pretty simple.

You peel the adhesive backing off the skin and place the backing on the bottom half of the skin while you position the top part of the skin around the camera bulge and top edge of the phone. Once placed correctly, all you do is smooth the skin with your fingers as you peel the backing off the bottom edge. You have to pay attention to what you’re doing because you pretty much have a one time shot at this. You can’t peel the skin back off and try again.

There may be a couple of small bubbles under the skin, but I found it pretty easy to smooth them to the edges.

The finished install was a success! How does it feel (and smell)? It feels like leather even down to a slight dry scratchiness on part of mine. You have to remember that this is a leather skin so it’s a natural product that will scuff, scratch, and patina over time. But since the colors that are available are dark, I’m not sure how much patina will be noticed over time. I’ll have to keep an eye on that and report back in a couple of weeks with an update on how well it is holding up for me.

As far as improving the slipperiness of the iPhone, this skin only improves the grip slightly in my opinion because it doesn’t wrap around the sides too. So keep that in mind.

Nomad Goods Screen Protector

What’s in the package?

  • Glass screen protector
  • Alignment frame
  • Cleaning wipe
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Dust removal stickers


Installation of the Nomad Goods screen protector is pretty much fool proof because the package includes a plastic alignment frame that snaps over the iPhone’s screen.

After you clean the screen with the included wipe, you can place the frame over the screen and are ready for the next step.

Using the included tapes, you can remove any dust particles on the screen. This is an important step because any particles left on the screen will result in bubbles under the glass that will not disappear once the protector is installed.

The final step is to remove the clear adhesive backing, line up the speaker cutout at the top of the protector with the speaker on the phone and let the protector stick to the screen.

You probably will have a couple of bubbles after the protector is first placed on your display. As long as those bubbles don’t have a piece of dust in the center of them, you can easily get rid of them by using a microfiber cloth to gently move/slide the bubbles to the edge of the display.

The screen protector features an oleophobic coating that is great for reducing smudges from your fingers. Other screen protectors that I’ve used in the past haven’t had this coating, so I can really tell a difference.

I also like that the edges of the screen protector are rounded and smooth so that you can’t really even tell that the protector is installed. My last screen protector was noticeably thicker. The Nomad Goods protector is only .33mm thick. I also like that there’s just a small cutout for the speaker at the top of the display instead of a large cutout for the whole camera/speaker notch like my last protector. The Nomad protector gives everything a seamless-not-even-there kind of look that I much prefer.

I had zero issues with the front-facing camera as far as unlocking the phone with Face ID or causing issues with selfie pics.

What I like

  • Easy install of skin and screen protector
  • The screen protector seems almost invisible after installed
  • I like that the skin adds zero bulk but extra grip to the back of the phone
  • Screen protector resists smudges

What I’d change

  • Nothing

Final thoughts

The Nomad Goods Leather Skin is a minimal way to protect the back of your iPhone from everyday abuse/wear and tear. It is on par with other phone skins and long as you don’t expect this skin to provide drop protection, improve the grip of the sides of the phone, and are patient with the way you install it, I think you’ll like it. As for the screen protector, it’s my new favorite! It installs easily and just disappears which is the way I like it!

Price: $29.95 (Leather Skin), $24.95 (Screen Protector)
Where to buy: Nomad Goods
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Nomad Goods.

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  2. I would prefer something that evens out the lens bulge. In fact, I have gotten used to the lenses being recessed.
    Due to factors beyond my control, I am slumming with an iPhone 7. I used a clear bumper case on it.
    My only gripe so far is inadvertently touching the camera lens. Makes me nauseous just thinking about the smudging.
    I would use a leather bumper case. But the higher ocd requirement for putting on phone skins scares me away. That and the thought of the skin peeling or chipping gradually

    1. Jake, I agree about the camera bump. That’s why I like my Pitaka case because it has a rim around the camera module to protect it as I worry more about scratches than smudges. I have a habit of wiping the lenses before any snapping pics.

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