This is the craziest umbrella I’ve ever seen!

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NEWS – If it’s raining, you need an umbrella to stay dry, right?  Not according to maker Ivan Miranda.  He 3D printed a motorized hat with an internal propeller that uses a curtain of air to keep the rain off.  Ivan does a fabulous job of walking through the engineering process, explaining how he designed his gadget and iteratively improved it until it worked (mostly).  It’s an 11-minute video on YouTube, and well worth your time.

Have any ideas for an even better solution?

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2 thoughts on “This is the craziest umbrella I’ve ever seen!”

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  2. This is the most innovative (and selfish) approach to staying dry I’ve ever seen. Good luck to those around you that now get sideways rain blown at them. And I guess if the rain is already coming in at an angle, don’t ever plan to tilt/turn your head out of the perpendicular unless you want to get wet. Still, a fun watch, thanks for sharing!

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