EarFun Wave Pro headphones review

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EarFun Wave Pro 7

REVIEW – Here we go again!! Another exciting adventure into the world of sub $100 headphones. if you have been following my journey with these devices, you would know that I have reviewed several sub $100 headphones and found a few that were easily worth a price over $100. The next entrant is the EarFun Wave Pro headphones. So, without further delay, “will the next contestant come on down!!”

What is it?

The EarFun Wave Pro headphones feature wireless and wired Hi-Res Audio technology, and an advanced LDAC codec to ensure outstanding 24-bit high-resolution sound quality from suitable streaming services.

What’s included?

EarFun Wave Pro 3
EarFun Wave Pro 4

  • 1 x EarFun Wave Pro headphones
  • 1 x Audio Cable
  • 1 x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x Storage/Carrying Case
  • 1 x User Manual

Tech specs

EarFun Wave Pro 1

Design and features

EarFun Wave Pro 6

  • Outstanding Hybrid ANC up to 45dB & Anti-Wind Noise
  • Certified Hi-Res Audio to deliver extreme music quality and original sound reproduction
  • LDAC technology transfers 3x more data than other Bluetooth codecs
  • 40mm DLC dynamic coil speaker for powerful bass, clear treble, and rich music details, with a broad 40kHz frequency response
  • 5-Microphone AI Algorithm Noise Cancellation for Clarity Call
  • Up to 80-hour battery life with fast charging (10 min charge for 10 hours of playback)
  • Ultra-comfortable, lightweight design offering stable and comfortable wearing
  • The multipoint connection allows you to switch between devices quickly
  • Game mode with extremely low latency(<55ms), improving gaming and video experiences
  • Personalize Your Headphones with the EarFun Audio App

The EarFun Wave Pro headphones are made of plastic. They feature an adjustable headband and soft and comfortable earpads. The controls are distributed on each earpad with the power on/Bluetooth button, USB-C charging port on one earpad, and the volume/up/down button, audio jack, and ANC button on the other. Each earpad is logo branded and has vents/grille for noise canceling.

EarFun Wave Pro 8
EarFun Wave Pro 9
EarFun Wave Pro 11
EarFun Wave Pro 7 1
EarFun Wave Pro 2 1
EarFun Wave Pro 10


To start my listening experience with the EarFun Wave Pro headphones, I charged them fully, then installed the EarFun Audio App and connected to Bluetooth. Here is the Bluetooth connection screen and some screenshots from the app:


I started listening to these EarFun Wave Pro headphones with the sound of the previous sub $100 brands and models I tested in my mind.  Based on my previous experience, my expectations for these headphones were not completely fulfilled. I have nothing bad to say about their overall performance, but IMHO they fell a bit short of what I expected.  I maintained the previous music selection that I chose to test the other headphones. As a reminder, this selection is purely based on my taste and preferences. As usual, I listened to tracks like “All in Love is Fair”, “Distant Lover” and “I Want You” by Michael McDonald. Next, on the list I listened to “Europa” by Gate Barbieri, “Winelight” by Grover Washington Jr., and “Angela (theme from ‘Taxi’) by Bob James. Then as I did before, it was on to some Gregory Isaacs, Beres Hammond, and Mariah Carey. Once again I added some of the Flamenco genre with tracks like Govi’s Andalusian Nights.

The EarFun Wave Pro headphones lack some presence across all frequency ranges, from lows to mids to highs. I am not saying that it is impossible to use them for basic everyday listening. However, regardless of what I listen to whether it is music, movies, or YouTube videos, the bass seems a bit muddy even at frequencies that are not very low. The mids are just decent and the highs lack the presence and range that make the experience for me. Again this is my opinion.

Phone conversations are clean and clear, and the headphones are lightweight so there is no fatigue wearing them for long listening sessions.

What I like about the EarFun Wave Pro headphones

  • They are lightweight and comfortable
  • A hard case is included
  • They work for daily easy listening
  • They can be used wireless or wired
  • The ANC works well

What needs to be improved?

  • The frequency response and presence for lows, mids, and highs

Final thoughts

EarFun Wave Pro 5

The EarFun Wave Pro headphones are extremely comfortable to wear and while they are adequate for daily use, IMHO they lack a certain frequency presence and detail across all frequencies. Still, for the price, they will work for many people as on-the-go headphones.

Price: $79.99
Where to buy: EarFun website and Amazon (25% discount with code: EWP25OFF expires 4/30/2024)
Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by EarFun. EarFun did not have a final say on the review and did not preview this review before it was published.

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