Robotime ROKR Classic Printing Press 3D Puzzle review – A complex, fun project!

ROKR Classic Printing Press Box unopened

REVIEW – At first glance, the Robotime ROKR Classic Printing Press Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle looked like a fun challenge. I thought it would be a great project to put together with my little kids, but once I opened the box and saw the complexity and size of the pieces, that plan went out the window. It definitely fits the 14+ age recommendation listed on the outside of the box. Instead, it became my pre-bedtime project while watching TV for several days.

What is it?

The Robotime ROKR Classic Printing Press 3D puzzle is a complex, 300+ piece adventure. It consists of several laser cut sheets of wood pieces that when put together forms a small, functional printing press. Most pieces are friction fitted and hold together on their own, but there are a few fasteners used to hold things together. The pieces that rotate or hinge have metal pins or bar to add strength and keep things working smoothly.

The general theme of the press has cute bears all over that look like they’re performing different functions of the press. There are also a few hidden animals and features scattered through the design that just make it fun to look at.

What’s included?

  • 300+ Laser cut wood pieces
  • Assembly tools
  • Power pack for lights (batteries not included)

ROKR Classic Printing Press 17

ROKR Classic Printing Press 18

Tech specs

Pieces: 303+

Assembly Time: 5 hours (my assembly time was probably closer to 9+ hours)

Difficulty Level: ★★★★

Assembled Size: 8.5″*5.7″*10.6″(21.5cm*14.5cm*27cm)

Parts list

Design and features

I was very impressed by the construction and packaging of the Robotime ROKR Classic Printing Press 3D Puzzle. Opening the box, I found instructions, six separate wood sheets, tools, fasteners, and the printing pad and lettering for the press itself. Everything was packed well and fit together nicely in the box.

List of what's in the box

Assembly, Installation, Setup

The true key to this assembly is the instruction book. It has detailed, step-by-step instructions for everything. All of the laser-cut pieces are labeled by letter and number on every sheet and it is very easy to follow along. When it calls for fasteners to be used, there is a printed example of the fastener, so you can literally place it on the page for comparison. There are a few fasteners that are similar, so this helps a lot to avoid confusion.

ROKR Classic Printing Press 19


The pieces fit very well together. The precision of the cuts is fantastic. Popping the individual pieces out of their frames was easy. I didn’t have any broken pieces or major splinters. There were some rough edges where the pieces were attached to the board, but a piece of sandpaper included in the kit cleared that up quickly.

ROKR Classic Printing Press 20

What I like about Robotime ROKR Printing Press Wooden Puzzle

  • Details. Little bears and other figures are included in the design and it’s fun to see all the little details and hidden things
  • Fantastic instructions for every step of the way
  • Laser cuts for all the pieces were very precise and everything fit together very well
  • Extra pieces! They took advantage of the spare spaces on the boards to print extras of the smaller pieces. If you happen to drop, break, or lose any of the small pieces you have extras to use if necessary.

ROKR Classic Printing Press 6

What needs to be improved?

  • Some of the gear pieces call for application of wax to help things move more easily, but none was included in the kit. I found a candle that worked pretty well, but that was the only thing that I found lacking.

ROKR Classic Printing Press 22

ROKR Classic Printing Press 24

Final thoughts

While no walk in the park, this 3D puzzle from Robotime was a really fun project. It was cool to see the printing press gradually form as I progressed through the instructions and sheets after sheet of wood parts. There were a couple of spots where I had to backtrack a few steps, not because the instructions were wrong, but because I misread them or put the pieces in backwards. At completion, you not only get the satisfaction of finishing a project, but you also get a small, functional printing press. I will definitely do more of these projects if the opportunity comes up.

Price: $61.99
Where to buy: Robotime
Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by Robotime. Robotime did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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