Here’s a multi-tool for chowing down when you’re on the go!

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NEWS – For some weird reason, I have a thing for unique cutlery sets. The ROXON C1 3 in 1 set caught my eye because it immediately reminded me of a Swiss Army Knife multi-tool. But this tool is designed for one purpose only and that’s eating. While some travel cutlery can be awkward to use, the ROXON C1 features 3 separate folding utensils. There’s a fork, knife, and a spoon. Each one performs its designated function without being required to do double duty (spork anyone?). Made of stainless steel, the ROXON C1 is available on Amazon for only $20.00.

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roxon c1 3

3 thoughts on “Here’s a multi-tool for chowing down when you’re on the go!”

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  2. My set just arrived. Very well made and fairly heavy. With a knife in the set no way will TSA let you pass with them. Interesting in that they suggest you rinse them in plain water shortly after using them. Do not put in dishwasher and avoid certain dish soaps.
    Nice find, thanks Julie!

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