Travel cutlery that stacks together with magnets

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NEWS – I’m not traveling again very much and I’m still working from home. But this Magware set makes me want to plan a reason to use travel cutlery. Magware from Full Winsor is a set of heat-hardened aluminum cutlery that has magnets in the handles that allow the fork, knife, and spoon to stack together in a thin travel-friendly bundle. Price-wise, a set of Magware will make your wallet weep with its $129 price tag. Sure, you get 5 forks, 5 spoons, and 5 knives, as well as a travel pouch. And yes, this set will last a lifetime compared to using plastic cutlery. But that’s a lot of lettuce for something that can help you eat a salad. What do you think? Want a set? Then head over to or to Amazon if you want to save 30%.

2 thoughts on “Travel cutlery that stacks together with magnets”

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  2. Ridiculous price. For travel flatware, how about eight pieces from Dollar Tree and a piece of tape to hold them together.

  3. I tried several sets of travel flatware. I keep a set in the car to use when at a venue where you’d normally use plastic. For some odd reason, all versions of travel/camping forks are dull and hard to use. The knives are dull as well. I eventually settled on a zippered case, similar to a pencil case, that holds a conventional knife, fork, and spoon. If you’re not backpacking and worried about every gram, just take a set of normal utensils in a convenient carrying case.

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