DOKER Steam Mop review

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Doker SteamMop 1

REVIEW – My hardwood floors take a constant beating. Between the menagerie of pets and farm boots being worn inside my floors are always covered in dirt and grime. While I have a robot vacuum to take care of the larger stuff, I have always struggled keeping up with the spills and dog drool that always seems to accumulate. The DOKER Steam Mop has been very useful in helping me with that struggle. By allowing me to easily steam mop up spills and drool, the DOKER Steam Mop is a very useful tool for cleaning house.

What is it?

The DOKER Steam Mop is an easy to use steam mop to clean hard floors.

Doker SteamMop 2

What’s in the box?

  • DOKER steam mop body
  • Handle
  • Swivel head
  • Filter – installed
  • Water tank – installed
  • 2 reusable microfiber pads
  • Carpet glider
  • Water cup
  • User manual
Doker SteamMop 4
Top: Mop head without microfiber pad Bottom: Mop head with carpet glider attachment

Hardware Specs

  • Weight: 6.61 lbs
  • Power: 1300W
  • Voltage: AC 120V
  • Input: 60Hz
  • Power cord: 39.37″
  • Preheating time: 15-30 seconds
  • Water tanke: 330 ml removable
  • Mop head: Swivel head
  • Steam control: 3 levels

Doker SteamMop 9

Design and Features

Doker SteamMop 10

I love the simplicity of the steam mop. It was super easy to put together, everything just snaps into place. The tank easily pops in and out of the base by squeezing the two side buttons on the tank. Behind the tank is the water filter which can be removed and flushed out as well. Once you turn on the steam mop using the power switch on the side of the mop, it will take a few seconds to preheat and create steam. Once steam is released, you can use the steam level control button on the front of the mop to cycle through the three levels of steam. It always turns on at the highest setting and will be needed to be adjusted based on the surface you are cleaning. The microfiber pads are able to scrub caked on dirt off the floors without damaging the finish. I also love that I can just throw them in the wash!

Doker SteamMop 5

The instruction manual states to turn off the steam mop you press and hold the steam level control button until the blue indicator light is above the steam level button. Then once the mop stops emitting steam, turn it off. I tried following the instructions many many times and I could never get the indicator light to light up above the steam button, nor would the steam stop coming out of the mop until I turned off the mop. I’m guessing the instructions are left over from an older model.

Doker SteamMop 11
Steam level control button and steam level light indicator

I did try out the carpet glider attachment to see how well the steam mop cleans carpeting. Honestly, it’s not worth the effort. It is a great hard floor steam mop, there’s no need to mess around with the carpet glider attachment. It works kind of but it took me about five minutes of hard scrubbing with it to get the stain lifted as much as it is. A rag and some carpet cleaner would have lifted it in less time and probably with less staining.

Doker SteamMop 3
Top: Before Bottom: After

One thing I do wish it had was rather than the steam automatically start coming out once it’s preheated, add another switch or button to start and stop the steam. I had a few times where I set the steam mop aside for a couple of seconds to preheat and accidentally steamed the spot it stood quite a bit before I got back to the mop. It would also ease moving to a different area of the house. Currently, you either have to turn the machine off or carry it spitting steam to the new area. It would be nice to be able to leave the machine on while carrying it to another area without worrying about burning your feet.

Doker SteamMop 6

One thing I found quite annoying was the placement of the power cord hook. Where the cord is attached to the body of the mop blocks easy access for cord winding. It is possible but you have to push the cord past the stiff joint making wrapping up the cord as well as releasing it quite cumbersome. While it does not affect the functionality of the steam mop, it is quite inconvenient.

What I like

  • The mop head locks in place for easy storage
  • Easy controls
  • Super light weight

What I’d change

  • Move the cord hook on the back of the machine
  • Add another switch to turn on and off steam rather than the power button

Final thoughts

The DOKER Steam Mop is an easy and convenient way to clean up messes on hard floors. The three different levels of steam allow you to adjust for different floor types making it safe for multiple surfaces while the reusable microfiber pads are great at getting all the gunk off. So if you are looking for a simple way to keep your hard floors clean, definitely look into the DOKER Steam mop.

Price: $74.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by DOKER

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