cord organization

We all love our gadgets, but until the day comes when the can all recharge wirelessly, we need charging adapters and charging cables. Keeping the adapters and cables together and neatly organized isn’t an easy task unless you have help like the Cord Commander. Let’s check it out. What is it? The Cord Commander is… Read More

This January Bluelounge celebrates 10 years of simple design solutions aimed at cable organization by releasing an updated version of their very first product, the Cableyoyo (the original was reviewed by Judie Stanford right here at the Gadgeteer). The original was made of metallic-colored plastic, was square, had an adhesive to attach to a surface but… Read More

The new Griffin Technology Guide Cable Management anchors look useful as well as snazzy. You get three Guides that feature a non-skid weighted, steel polished base with anodized aluminum hooks that are magnetized. All you do is remove the magnetic hook, position your cable or cables and reattach the magnetic hook. Once setup, you’ll no… Read More

Raise your hand if you have power strip outlets that are covered up by obtrusively large or awkwardly shaped AC adapters? Yeah, me too. The Etekcity 10 pack of one-foot extension cables are what we need. These will add enough length to get those adapters out of the way to free up outlets or even… Read More

  One of my biggest organizational battles around our home is with all of our cables. To organize them I usually end up using twist ties or velcro cable wraps that make the task take longer than it should. Cable ties are good for one use, so what if I just need to let out… Read More

If you have a MacBook, you know the chargers have built-in cord winders.  The problem with that winder is that it can put a lot of stress on the thin cable where it attaches to the charger if you wind it incorrectly.  Last year, we told you about the Juiceboxx, a crowdfunding project that aimed… Read More

If you’re obsessed with organization, tightly wound with tidiness and creeped out by clutter, Buoy Tags will make you a happy camper. What are they? Buoy Tags are plastic snap on labels designed for Apple products like the MacBook Magsafe power adapter, Apple earbud cables and USB charging cables. These neat little tags will let… Read More

Are you almost afraid to put your feet under your desk because it looks like a snake’s den of cables under there?  With the Plug Hub from Quirky, you’ll be able to tame that cable mess.  The Plug Hub is a 10.5″ L x 3.5″ W x 9.5″ H black plastic box with a tray… Read More

If you have a MacBook, you know the chargers have built-in cord winders.  The problem with the winder is that it can put a lot of stress on the thin cable where it attaches to the charger.  This stress leads to broken cables, which leads to purchasing an expensive replacement charger.  The folks at Juiceboxx… Read More

Although The Goods repeatedly states that The Loop case is for men, I don’t see anything that makes it unsuitable for women.  The Loop is made of durable, 5-oz Dakota black vegetable oil-tanned cowhide leather.  The pouch at the bottom holds the power brick and the thin cord with the MagSafe connector for either the MacBook… Read More

According to ThinkGeek, they use cord rolls.  The Cordito Leather Cable Wrap is made of premium leather with metal button closures.  It measures 12.25″ long x 5.5″ wide when opened flat; rolled, it has about a 2″ diameter (depending on what you have in there).  It’s designed with a pouch to hold two power adapters, and… Read More

QooQi from 2040 Design Studio is a successfully funded Kickstarter project that earned three times their funding goal back in September 2013. But what is a QooQi (pronounced: cookie) you ask? It’s a small, easy to use, stick-on cable organizer made out of aluminum with knurled sides and edges. Note: Images can be clicked to… Read More

Do you use your smartphone or tablet as an alarm clock on your nightstand? Or maybe you have a charging cable for your laptop on the end table next to your couch. If you answered yes to either question, I bet you’ll also answer yes to the next question. Do you usually find the cable… Read More

This Father’s Day, you could give your Dad (or yourself) the gift of an organized gear bag and desk with the Recoil Automatic Cord Winders.  Simply fold a cable in half and place the loop over the Recoil’s hook, tug the cable, and the Recoil automatically winds the cable into a neat little package.  The… Read More

In our house, we have an iPhone,  an Android phone, an LG phone, 3 iPods, two Nooks, and a digital camera.  Something is always on the charger, and almost every device has a unique plug.  Keeping the cables accessible and organized is a challenge.   Enter the Magnetic Organization System (MOS) to the rescue. MOS was… Read More