Marlondo Leather Mousepad and Cord Keepers review

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MarlondoLeather MousepadAndCordKeepers 2

REVIEW – Here’s a little something to add some class to your workspace! I got my hands on some accessories from Marlondo Leather that I’ve been using for the past month as part of my work-from-home setup. Lovely full grain leather that’s super functional to boot! To the review!

What is it?

The mousepad is, well, a mousepad. The cord keepers are loops of leather that help you manage your pesky cords and cables.

Hardware specs

  • Both items are made with full grain vegetable tanned leather and brass hardware.
  • The Mousepad is 9.5″ by 7.5″ and has a suede backing
  • The Cord Keepers are 2″ by 1.5″

Design and features

I love simple, useful accessories… especially when they’re made from full grain leather! The Marlondo Leather Mousepad ticks all those boxes. I dig the black leather, but they also make these in a tobacco and dark brown color variant. Check out my stylin’ desktop!

MarlondoLeather MousepadAndCordKeepers 3

This particular mousepad is 9.5″ by 7.5″, so there’s plenty of room for the mouse to roam. That buttery smooth vegetable tanned leather feels amazing and allows for smooth mouse travel.

MarlondoLeather MousepadAndCordKeepers 1

Solid brass hardware on the corners adds some extra class to dress it up with some extra class without getting in the way of the mouse. Here’s a closeup of the assembly. Note the thick full-grain leather, which is got a light finish to the edging for a bit of a rustic look. The stitching is tight and flawless throughout.

MarlondoLeather MousepadAndCordKeepers 4

The piece is backed by a suede layer to keep your mousepad from sliding around.

MarlondoLeather MousepadAndCordKeepers 5

I really like the attention to quality details here. Those brass rivets are double capped and finished tight against the suede so they don’t scratch up your desk.

MarlondoLeather MousepadAndCordKeepers 6

I’m finding the Cord Keepers to be supremely useful. They’re basically a strip of leather that snaps to form a loop to manage cables. While the exterior is finished, the interior is left raw. You can see in this shot how the dye fully permeates the leather, so the color holds up to scratches and scuffs.

MarlondoLeather MousepadAndCordKeepers 7

Here’s a shot of the Cord Keeper closed. A simple brass snap keeps it sealed. I do love the antique brass look, especially against the black leather.

MarlondoLeather MousepadAndCordKeepers 8

MarlondoLeather MousepadAndCordKeepers 9

You can use these Cord Keepers in all sorts of creative ways. The primary purpose is to wrangle long cables so that they don’t get tangled with the other stuff in your bag or drawer.

MarlondoLeather MousepadAndCordKeepers 10

But I also find them very useful for wrangling extra cable lengths as shown below. You’ll also see how I use them to manage my earbuds in the feature pic.

MarlondoLeather MousepadAndCordKeepers 11

I’m still finding all kinds of creative ways to use these things around the office.

What I like

  • Beautiful thick veg-tanned leather
  • Excellent finishing, even in these simple designs
  • Very functional pieces

What needs to be improved

  • Nothing that I have seen so far

Final thoughts

This is my first experience with Marlondo Leather. I actually won these pieces on an Instagram contest and had no idea what to expect (they’re just accessories, right?). I am really impressed. The leather quality & assembly is amazing even on these simple pieces, which bodes well for the rest of the products in their lineup. The retail price is great, too. Methinks I may need to go shopping for some more leather now. 🙂

Price: The mousepad is $30, and the Cord Keepers start at 2 for $8.00.
Where to buy: Visit the Marlondo Leather web site.
Source: I purchased these products with my own funds.

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    1. Bob Patterson

      You sure could.

      The “taco” shaped cord keepers are made by several manufacturers, and do offer some benefits, especially for little persnickety stuff like iPhone earbuds or short adaptor cables.

      But you could use velcro ties just as well if that’s your thing! They’re much more practical for long cables like power chords.

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