Get rid of your pile of charging cables and bricks with the new PWRBOARD!

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NEWS – If you’re anything like me, you have chargers of various sorts scattered throughout your office/house. The PWRBOARD is attempting to centralize all your battery charging into a single customizable device, and if their final product ends up even close to what they’re promising I will leap at the opportunity to try it out! Not only would this simplify and clean up my existing mess of chargers, but it would be ideal for travel: I could grab this single board and AC cable and pack it with me, thus removing any “did I forget the charger for device XYZ” anxiety while en route. They’re working on different sizes for different needs so you can pick a smaller or larger tray for the number of modules you plan on using. They’re planning on support for a variety of prebuilt modules for popular camera and drone batteries at launch, plus pretty much any standard size batteries as well (like AAA/AA/18650/etc). Open source compatibility will let hobbyists create their own add-ons for anything not already supported. I couldn’t find any planned release date yet, but they’re demoing the product at CES at the time of writing. You can find out more and follow at PWRBOARD.

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