This multi-tool keeps your keys organized and your hair tidy!

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keytec 2

NEWS – The KEYTEC looks similar to a KeySmart Key Pro key organizer, but in addition to holding up to 16 keys (who the heck still uses THAT many keys?) it’s also a multi-tool. Included with the KEYTEC is a multi-function tool that has a 3 slot wrench and a bottle opener. I know that’s not super exciting. But the KEYTEC also includes a metal comb that you can use to straighten messy hair, or maybe tidy up a mustache or beard. Last but not least, the KEYTEC can also be used as a stand for your phone (see pictures below). Want one? It’s available with red or navy leather accents and is only $17.90 on Amazon.

keytec 1

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