Add photos, video, voice, and GPS tracking to anything with BitRip digital tape

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NEWS – Check out this roll of scannable tape from BitRip. Available in a variety of colors and with UV or polypropylene coating, this sticky tape comes in lengths with 50, 300, or 600 scannable labels per roll. Rip a piece, attach it to a tool, or another item that you want to track, and then attach digital information to it like photos, text, video links, audio messages, PDF files, etc.

Every time the label is scanned, it automatically uses the scanning phone’s GPS location to update the item’s position on a map.

I can imagine using the BitRip labels to attach how-to videos to things that I might forget how to do, like how to rethread the feed head of my string trimmer. Or how about adding audio files with voice messages to the back of artwork and framed family photos.

You can read more about BitRip digital tape by visiting and you can order a roll from Amazon where prices start at $48 for a 300 label roll.

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