This key is your key to instant brewsky happiness

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NEWS – Have you ever noticed that almost every multi-tool on the market has a built-in bottle opener? It’s because people like beers. Duh 😉 Today I’m not going to show you a multi-tool though. I’m showing you a tool with only one purpose. It’s the Makr Bottle Key and as you have already (hopefully) guessed, it’s a bottle opener in the shape of a traditional key. Put it on your keychain (if you still carry one) and you’ll always have a tool to pop the cap off your favorite brew. The good news is that it is only $7. The bad news is that you can’t have it made into an actual working key. Still want one for your EDC collection? Head over to And if you want a key that can do a lot more than this one while still fitting on your keychain, check out this one from Amazon.

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3 thoughts on “This key is your key to instant brewsky happiness”

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  2. if you want a real key you can drill a 1/4″ hole, then dremel out your notch in your key of choice

    just match what makr did

    i will tell you that it can be uncomfortable opening a bottle this way

    a guy i worked with made them

  3. I use anything as a bottle opener. Grab the neck with your left hand and hold firm. Your left index finger should be right under the cap, barely touching it. Insert anything larger than 2 inches between your left index finger and the cap, the object should be touching the cap. Apply downwards pressure on the object and the cap will pop off.
    I am actually convinced that bottle openers are unnecessary and that the method I described is how it was originally conceived.

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