PITAKA Pita!Tag multi-tool review – An AirTag case with 4 built-in tools

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REVIEW – Got an Apple AirTag and need a way to carry it while also gaining 4 tools and an easy way to clip it to your bag or beltloop? Then stay tuned while I show you the PITAKA Pita!Tag multi-tool AirTag case.

What is it?

The PITAKA Pita!Tag multi-tool is an Apple AirTag case/holder that has 4 built-in mini tools.

What’s in the box?

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  • Pita!Tag Multi-tool AirTag holder
  • Carabiner
  • 2 screws to attach the carabiner
  • Screwdriver tool

Design and features

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The PITAKA Pita!Tag multi-tool AirTag case is a 5-sided PVC coated black steel case.

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Four of the 5 sides hold a mini tool made of steel.

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As a multi-tool, there’s a tiny knife that’s suitable for opening packages (the blade is not sharp), a tiny flat screwdriver, a Philips screwdriver, and a tiny 2mm hex key. Each tool has a thin “handle” or groove that allows your fingernail to easily unfold it from the body of the Pita!Tag. Note that none of the tools lock in place when fully deployed.

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The PITAKA Pita!Tag multi-tool also functions as an Apple AirTag case. The outer cover of the Pita!Tag rotates so that it can be removed.

The cover takes a bit of effort to remove. You have to press the cover from one side and rotate it from the other side to unlock it.

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Once the cover is removed, the Apple AirTag fits easily in the open slot.

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You can orient the AirTag’s logo to face out or inward if you’re worried about scratching it up since it will be exposed. I decided to face mine out because I like to live on the edge 😉

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The cover fits back in place and then you can attach the included circular carabiner.

pitaka pitatag 13

It has a spring-loaded gate that allows you to open it to clip it to a bag strap, beltloop, etc. Or you can add your keys to it.

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By itself, the PITAKA Pita!Tag weighs 56g (1.98oz). When you add the Apple AirTag, and keys, it will be pretty heavy.

In my opinion, the tools are nice to have in theory, but given their size, they aren’t all that useful in real life. I think the “knife”/box opener/tape cutter is the most useful of them.

What I like

  • Rugged Apple AirTag case/holder
  • 4 built-in tools

What I’d change

  • It’s a bit heavy. Maybe offer one made of titanium or some other lighter-weight material
  • It’s expensive for what it is

Final thoughts

I wanted to like the PITAKA Pita!Tag multi-tool because I generally really like PITAKA’s products. I even have one of their MagEZ iPhone cases on my iPhone right now as a matter of fact. Unfortunately, this isn’t a PITAKA product that I can recommend unless you want to spend $60 on an AirTag case/holder that functions as a minimally useful multi-tool, I’d look elsewhere for an Apple AirTag case.

Price: $59.00
Where to buy: PITAKA
Source: The sample for this review was provided by PITAKA.

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