Organize and silence key jingle without adding bulk

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keysmart mini 3

NEWS – Key jingle is obviously a first-world problem. But what the heck, let’s solve it! Today I bring you the Keysmart Mini. We’ve reviewed other Keysmart key organizers in the past, but they were all full-sized. The mini is… well… mini! The Keysmart Mini key organizer is designed to hold up to 5 keys and a keyfob. You can add one to your EDC by clicking over to  Amazon where they are currently priced at $14.99

keysmart mini 2

keysmart mini 1

8 thoughts on “Organize and silence key jingle without adding bulk”

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  2. I’ve always loved the idea and style of these but I have to carry both my car’s keyfob and my work’s keyfob with me, neither of which could fit in these. So then I’d have two sets of keys, which really doesn’t solve any problem. Hopefully someday soon all my keys and wallet will live electronically on my phone and it will be a non-issue.

  3. since you like leatherworking…a scrap of strap and a chicago screw will make one of these

    i have carried a pocket knife in a sheath that covers my house key(s) in a similar arrangement for at least three decades

    at the time it cost about 25 cents and 30 minutes of making

    that said…i do like keysmart’s stuff

  4. This will show my age…”back in the day” when I worked in a TV shop when I was a teenager, remote controls on tv’s had various lengths of aluminum, and when you pressed the clicker, each one would send out a “ping” at a different frequency, to make the tv change channels, volume, or on/off.
    At times, you could “jingle your car keys” and get the tv to do all sorts of things. (and sometimes you could prank someone by taking the remote apart, and swap the aluminum tubes so changing channels would turn the tv off)

      1. It was just the jingle of the keys. Of the brands I repaired, Zenith, RCA weren’t too bad, but the Quasar, made by Motorola at the time, were the easiest to screw with.

    1. I had a friend who had a TV with a remote like that, and when his dog would walk by the TV, the noise from her tags would cause similar interference. They wound up taking the dog’s harness off when she was inside!

      1. a rural letter carrier i had coffee with said the reason my co-workers and i were so often attacked by dogs was the rattling of our tools and keys

        it turned out he was right

        silencing our dogs’ tags has really reduced sidewalk aggression as well

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