It’s spring! Time to set aside your games of Halo and enjoy the outdoors by taking a ride on your motorcycle. But you don’t have to leave Halo behind completely – now you can be Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 while you ride around town with this Spartan motorcycle helmet from There have been other Halo… Read More

SKULLY Helmets has recently announced the P1, a high-tech motorcycle helmet with an integrated HUD (heads up display). Along with being a DOT approved helmet, the P1 provides GPS navigation, accelerometer, a gyroscope, a compass, rearview camera, Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphones music and phone all managed via voice control. Thus enabling you be as connected… Read More

This motorcycle helmet from Helmet Dawg is for the person secure in their own…  Well, I’m not quite sure what they’d be secure in, but if you really like Batman and you ride a motorcycle, you need to check out the Dark as Night helmet.  This is a serious helmet that has been designed to… Read More

Speed and distance are the two factors that are going to make or break electric motorcycles.  Hanebrink has just announced their X5, which is capable of speeds up to 80 MPH  (128 KMH ).  Aimed at the sports bike enthusiast rather than the commuter, it’s powered by 4 Li-Ion cells with a 14 gear transmission… Read More

BMW C Evolution

They make great motorcycles and cars, and now BMW wants to go greener with their BMW C Evolution. According to the company, the prototype is close to hitting final production stages. Capable of covering 62 miles in a single charge and maximum speeds of up to 75 mph, the Evolution is another step in the… Read More

Another entry in the electric scooter market is the Boxx scooter.  In its “upgrade” model , the scooter charges in 1 hour via a standard domestic plug and gives you up to 80 miles (129kms) travel.  Weighing 120 lbs (55 kg) with all aluminium construction the unit comes standard with ABS, traction control, drive by wire… Read More

Zero Motorcycles out of California has just released its 2012 lineup of electric motorcycles which include new power trains, models capable of exceeding 100 miles range, a new powerpack designed to last the life of the bike, and top speeds of up to 88mph.  This will be the first time that a mass produced electric motorcycle… Read More

As a motorcycle rider as much as I love my MotoGP bike racing (go Stoner !!), as a Citizen of Planet Earth I always wonder how much of our precious fossil fuel is used up during a weekend of racing  (and that’s not even taking into account transport to and from events and other things)… Read More

Full-cover motorcycle helmets can restrict neck movement for the driver when attempting to keep an eye behind him/her.   Rear-view mirrors on bikes do not always reveal everything going on and can vibrate. The Reevu helmet (not available yet) may be a viable work around.  It has a set of mirrors effecting it into a… Read More

I have been riding motorcycles for over two decades; nearly twice as long as I have been a true tech-junkie. While I love putting around on my bike, I have always wanted to ride with music playing. I have attempted to make this happen many times over the years but nothing I have tried was… Read More