This motorcycle helmet will have people asking “Batman, is that you?”

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This motorcycle helmet from Helmet Dawg is for the person secure in their own…  Well, I’m not quite sure what they’d be secure in, but if you really like Batman and you ride a motorcycle, you need to check out the Dark as Night helmet.  This is a serious helmet that has been designed to incorporate the high impact-resistant plastic superhero-type horns/ears/pointy-things-on-top; they aren’t just glued on.  The helmet is based on the “GM48S Platinum series full face helmet”, has a  “lightweight DOT approved Thermo-Plastic Poly Alloy shell”, and is coated with a quality automotive-grade paint with protective clear coat finish.  It includes a clear and a tinted visor; they are flush-mounted and screwless, so they are easy to swap.  It even has speaker pockets for easy installation of a speaker/communication system.  It’s available in XS through XL adult sizes for $325.  Adult 2XL and 3XL are available as a special order.

Note: Before considering purchase of this helmet, read all the comments below regarding the DOT approval.

28 thoughts on “This motorcycle helmet will have people asking “Batman, is that you?””

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  2. RainyDayInterns

    Nice! Right up to the point where it catches on the pavement as you slide along after a spill and rips your head off.

    There is no excuse for form over function with protective gear.

  3. Yeah, I was also thinking “nice, but dangerous”, but in a different way. I’m wondering if you could actually impale someone with those horns if you were to be flung off your bike, or if you laid your helmet down and some kid fell on it. Unlikely I would think, but why even risk it just to look like a phoney Batman.

  4. This sort of gear is just plain stupid. Aside from looking foolish, it is incredibly dangerous to both the rider, any passengers and others.

    What is really scary is that some company is actually modifying a perfectly good helmet into a piece of potentially lethal trash and are marketing it as protective gear.

    I see a recall and fine in this company’s future.

    In addition, it must be noted that DOT does not “approve” helmets (or anything else) – a (in this case) helmet either complies with the requirements (in which case it is DOT compliant) or it does not (in which case it may not be legally sold.) This one is illegal and does NOT comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 which states in part (S5.5):

    “S5.5 Projections. A helmet shall not have any rigid projections inside its shell. Rigid projections outside any helmet’s shell shall be limited to those required for operation of essential accessories, and shall not protrude more than 0.20 inch (5 mm). ”

    Julie – you may want to note this on the main page or pull the article entirely.

    1. @Charles We’re not the product police 🙂 The Gadgeteer reports about new and unique products and this happens to tick both boxes. Just because we show products on our site doesn’t mean we’re telling you that you must go out and buy/use them. We’re just saying “Hey, look at this…”

      In my opinion, I think riding a motorcycle with a regular non-Batman helmet is stupid and dangerous all by itself. But hey, that’s just me…

  5. @Julie – True, but is there an obligation – in order to maintain the credibility of this site – to clarify information once it becomes clear that the manufacturer has provide incorrect or misleading information?

    In this case, the vendor claims that the helmet is “DOT approved.” Not only is that statement false, but the helmet violates the law and is not legal for sale in the US.

  6. Having a worked in a bike shop, I am very familiar with the helmet that this is based (GMAX) that was our #1 helmet sold by far and is absolutely 100% DOT approved. I dig the mods, from what I can see, the horns and face look badass. Similar to the metal spikes we sold in our shop that basically “decorated” any helmet. They seem to just offer it up already dressed up. A lot better and safer constructed based on description then the crap that riders would roll up in our lot.

  7. That helmet is based on this one:, and is where the “DOT approved” line comes from – you can see the DOT-compliant logo in one of the pics on the Helmet Dawg website.

    That said, those horns are clearly NOT “incorporated into the helmet,” they are clearly just glued on. And there’s no way, even if those horns WERE legal, that I’m trusting my skull to an $80 helmet. I wear a Shoei Neotec that costs over $600, and I could have spent more to get an even safer helmet, but I wanted a modular helmet instead of a standard full-face.

    Honestly, this thing is not what it says it is, and is downright dangerous to boot. Product police or not, I’d pull this article if I were you folks.

  8. Yep, from Helmet Dawg’s own page – the horns are just glued on:

    “Helmet Dawg strives to create innovative and stylish products designed to compliment an existing DOT approved helmet “base unit” with the use of plastics, paint, and other types of adornments. All modifications are adhered or applied to the outside surface (i.e. Mohawk, horns, etc.) of the base unit WITHOUT the use of any inner protrusions or anchors. These modifications DO NOT penetrate the original protective surface of base unit but DO void any original factory warranty.”

  9. @ terrence Johns – while the FMVSS generally does not preclude an individual from modifying a compliant product into one that is non-compliant, it does preclude any company (or individual) from manufacturing and selling a non-compliant product. That means that I can glue a set of antlers on my helmet and put that on my head but I can’t sell it or manufacture them for sale.

    This exclusion also does not prohibit a cop from ticketing me (and impounding my bike) for not wearing a compliant helmet.

    fWIW, impounding a vehicle requires a search of said vehicle and anybody who wears anything so goofy looking probably is carrying something he (or she) doesn’t want the cops to know about.

  10. @Charles, The internet is such a huge place, please don’t direct your weird search and seizure fetish toward me. My comment was not directed at you! Are YOU the internet police? You are probably more like the mall cop of the internet. Further more, have you even seen what’s available for sale on other websites lately? You should go after them ALL of them. Yeah thats what you should do mall cop. You probably can’t because your commodore computer with dial-up connection probably limits you to a few sites that AARP approves (No offense Gadgeteer I love your posts). You are most likely just an old man with clearly too much time on your hands and an overactive imagination. There are truly heinous things going on out there (Sandy Hook, Boston) and you seem intent to be against some weird helmet that you probably secretly want. BTW (that’s short for by the way; just incase you aren’t that savvy) reply all you want I could care less what your geriatric self has a tantrum over or how the internet is the only place you can weigh in your opinion, because to make an effort in the “real world” might require you to actually get off the couch or God-forbid leave your antler covered den and actually interact with people face to face. OMG (cliffhanger, I won’t tell you that last acronym) PEACE!

  11. @terrence Johns – You are obviously somehow affiliated with this manufacturer. My comments were not directed at you and they merely clarified the law.

    Your childish personal attacks really don’t fit in this forum.

  12. I just want to chime in to say that helmet laws for motorcycles is on a state by state basis. There is no such thing as a federal law for helmets worn by motorcyclists, as can be seen by 30 states which do not even have a helmet law.

    The other 20 states have their own set of standards of what is/is not acceptable. In many of these states, a non-compliant helmet is only a fine.

    Finally, there is not a federal law about this. There is only a federal standard, and the only action the federal government can take is for false advertisement by manufacturers.

  13. Here’s an appellate court decision concerning motorcycle helmets in Massachusetts.

    The take away from this is that in Massachusetts, non-compliant helmets are only traffic tickets. You cannot have your bike towed, or be arrested for a non-compliant helmet.

    In addition, the compliance of the helmet can be judged after the fact. Aka, as long as the helmet can be tested, and the tested helmet complies with the state standard, then it is legal, even if said testing is done afterwards (post-traffic ticket). Note that the helmet in question for this lawsuit was a SWAT style helmet, that had nothing to do with motorcycles, and is not marked or marketed towards motorcycles, but the helmet easily passed the motorcycle safety standards when tested.

  14. @thsu – most states have some sort of helmet law (some are age dependent, some require health insurance or proff or training and the like) and many states have different penalties that can range from a warning to a fine and impounding of the bike.

    The FMVSS is a standard that cannot be changed by the states. However, states enforce the various FMVSS’ and can enforce them selectively but they cannot create their own standard.

    Finally, enforcement action by the Feds is more than just a claim of false advertising. Manufacturers of non-compliant products can be force to initiate recalls and be fined

    In 2003 APC was fined $650,000 for non-compliant taillights and conducted a recall and just recently a helmet manufacturer was required to conduct a recall.

  15. Charles, you have to stop being pedantic about this helmet issue.

    31 states allow adults 21 and over to go helmetless while riding a motorcycle. 20/31 of those states allow adults 18 and over to go helmetless too.

    Of the remaining 19 states, half helmets count as legal adult helmets while riding a motorcycle.

    Half helmets, like their name implies, only cover the top of your head, and are pretty much worthless in a crash. Yet they meet federal DOT standards and count as wearing a helmet in all 50 states.

  16. @thsu – and perhaps we should continue this off-topic discussion off-line.

    The bottom line – and the topic of my comments – is that this helmet does not comply with fmvss and therefore may not legally be sold in the US. The manufacturer may be fines $1100 per incident (each helmet sold) and be directed to conduct a recall.

    I’m done with this discussion since the added discussion always seems to drift off-topic.

  17. Just to clarify….

    Final modified design complies with FMVSS 218 S5.5 as extremities are SOFT and FLEXIBLE
    and meets US DOT compliance

  18. So I may be posting here a little late but how about someone who actually has this helmet respond to this? I bought this helmet and it is 100 percent d.o.t. approved for the state of p.a. and for those of you saying it’s not a “safe helmet” I can tell you it is very safe. The helmet itself doesn’t have anything puncturing the shell and the entire thing is molded latex basicly. The ears are firm but can be bent in case it does hit somthing. Only problem I get is at highway speeds and if there is a crosswind the ears catch it and blow your head around. Im used to it now so it doesn’t bother me. Your fine in a full tuck though. And for those of you saying its silly and stupid ya it might be but it gets me noticed wich is what I need when riding a motorcycle. Plus you have no idea how many smiles I put on kids faces. Even adults love it. I constantly get people complimenting me on my helmet and wanting to take pictures with me or just the helmet. So you can take all that negative feedback for a product you dont own somewhere else.

  19. Hi all, I’m from Germany and I think to wear such kind of helm it doesn’t matter if it is DOT or not. It’s a pitty we cannot buy this one in Germany. Also I wrote some email and I didn’t get a response?? I’m wondering I thougt to sell products is normal!

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