Reevu Helmet — Makes the Exorcist Passe

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reevu 1Full-cover motorcycle helmets can restrict neck movement for the driver when attempting to keep an eye behind him/her.   Rear-view mirrors on bikes do not always reveal everything going on and can vibrate.

The Reevu helmet (not available yet) may be a viable work around.  It has a set of mirrors effecting it into a rear-view mirror similar to that of a car.

reevu 2
Lower half = your view; upper quarter = rear view

I’m not sure how accurate the above figure is, but the Reevu site claims that this is how your view would appear when wearing the helmet.  Also there does not appear to be a way to purchase the product yet, but something to keep an eye on.

4 thoughts on “Reevu Helmet — Makes the Exorcist Passe”

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  2. Not sure about motorcycles, but there was a Reevu helmet for cyclists available years ago. It didn’t take off. In any case, no matter how effective the rear view is, turning and making eye contact with a following driver is an important part of being safe on two wheels.

  3. There never was a Reevu…it never got made. This is the same project, still not yet on the market. It’s the Duke Nukem Forever of motorcycle gear. Potential problems include the varying positions of riders based on their bikes (a rear view that works for a rider on a cruiser would be looking up at the sky on a sportbike). And besides, if mirrors are too small on a bike, the cost of replacing them with better aftermarket mirrors is less than this would likely be.

  4. Well said Robert. I have one also. I would I work for the Company, all I can say about the helmet is positive it gives a whole new perspective when riding on a bike. My mirrors are useless at speed, also they don’t cover off the Blind spot. The Reevu helmet is made for the Blind spot, also I always have my eyes parallel to the road makes seeing behind easy. Only people who don’t ride would think we continually ride in the tuck position. Must admit though it is better on My Triumph Tiger

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