Hanebrink X5 – Electricity at 80MPH

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Hanebrink X5

Speed and distance are the two factors that are going to make or break electric motorcycles.  Hanebrink has just announced their X5, which is capable of speeds up to 80 MPH  (128 KMH ).  Aimed at the sports bike enthusiast rather than the commuter, it’s powered by 4 Li-Ion cells with a 14 gear transmission.  It will include some premium components, like Brembo brakes and inverted coil hydraulic forks. With a 6061- T6 Aircraft Seamless Aluminum Tubing, the  bike weighs in at only 120 lbs ( 55 kilograms).

The X5 can be yours for $16,940, and Hanebrink expect shipments to comment in March next year.

3 thoughts on “Hanebrink X5 – Electricity at 80MPH”

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  2. I’m skeptical of the range…for one thing, they don’t mention it on their website. For another, the 20 amp hour battery capacity it has is less than 4x that of an iPhone. I have to wonder how far you’d get on 4 iPhones as a power source, at highway speeds. Still, at only 120 pounds, it seems like they have room to expand that, so there’s promise here. Electric-driven vehicles have wonderful acceleration, especially since there’s no torque curve, just linear pull from the very start. That’s particularly appealling on a motorcycle.

  3. Nice!
    Ian you come up with the coolest stuff 🙂
    @ Rob I’m pretty sure it uses more than 4 iPhones worth of power, but then again I don’t have the time to check it out…

  4. @Rob – Not quite the same battery 🙂
    X5 – 4 Li-ion, N.M.C AllCell Batteries. 82 volt, 20amp Hour pack
    iPhone5 – 3.8V 1434mAh
    And yes, you’ll note in the article I mentioned distance being an important factor yet Hanebrink doesn’t give any indication. No good going 80mph for 1 mile before you need a recharge 🙂

    @Bob – As a motorcyclist I have an interest in these as I can see the environmental benefits. That being said as a recreational rider rather than a commuter I’m not sure you can replace the thump of a good V-Twin combustion engine between the legs (sports bike please, not one of those cruiser thingys) 🙂

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