INSE H1 handheld cordless vacuum review – It sucks in the best way

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REVIEW – A car wash at my local place is now $25 for the basic inside and outside scrub down.  They do a good job, but can I afford $25 a trip?  Nope.  That’s why I’ve gotten quite good at cleaning my own car.  The outside always looks great, but getting the carpets clean has been challenging.  I have tried with my Dyson and with vacuums that plug into my car lighter and nothing could get into the crevices like they do with those powerful vacuums at the car wash.  Nothing seemed to want to suck up all the crumbly bits and leaves.  Could the tiny Inse H1 Handheld Vacuum cleaner do a better job?  It seemed like a tall order.

What is it?

The INSE H1 Handheld Vacuum is a lightweight cordless rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaner designed for quick pick-ups.

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What’s the in the box?

  • The vacuum cleaner
  • A spare filter
  • A cleaning brush
  • A brush and a crevice attachment
  • A stand
  • The power supply


  • 2600mAh battery
  • 75W motor
  • up to 10000Pa suction power
  • 2 suction modes
  • 1.3lbs
  • Dustbin capacity:  500 ml
  • Runtime:  up to 30 minutes

Setup and features

The INSE H1 Handheld Vacuum takes about 4 hours to fully charge, and they say it gives you 30 minutes of cleaning time. I didn’t keep track, but it seems like I got more than thirty minutes out of one charge.  For one test, I vacuumed an area where I had been wrapping presents.  Glitter from the ribbon I was using had settled into the cracks on the rustic table I was using for my workspace.  I used the vacuum on the highest setting and it did a pretty great job getting the stuff out of there.  I still went at it with a damp washcloth but the job was much easier after the initial once over with the INSE H1 Handheld Vacuum.  The glitter collected around the large particle filter, though, so I had to clean that out right away because it did affect the performance afterward.

INse 1
That’s a lot of glitter in the large particle filter!

The next task was cleaning my car’s carpets.  I have pretty fluffy car mats and all the curves and angles means I have trouble getting my Dyson to suck up all the dead leaves.  The INSE H1 Handheld Vacuum did a great job, although you had to use the crevice tool, and that attachment is only about 3 inches wide.  It took a lot of passes, but if you’re patient and methodical, your carpets will get pretty clean.  Did it suck up everything?  Sadly no.  But it did MUCH better than every other vacuum I’ve tried.  It seemed to get the big stuff and quite a lot of animal hair, so I was pretty satisfied.  I had another opportunity to clean my car carpets after a very sandy trip to Death Valley.  Sand did prove challenging to the INSE H1 Handheld Vacuum.  In the middle of the job I wound up cleaning the fine particle filter and I think it helped, but my car is still pretty sandy if you look close.

INse 6
INse 5

Because I have no idea what 10000Pa of suction power is (and I assume many of you are the same),  I did a search and the website I checked said that dust, food particles and pet hair should all be sucked up at that level.  To give you some idea of the sucking power of  in the the INSE H1 Handheld Vacuum in the real world, I sucked up a Lifesaver candy in my car and although it initially was sucked up, it didn’t stay sucked up.  Ornament hooks were no problem on the high setting, but on low they didn’t budge.  Theoretically, I would think that sand would not pose the problem that it did, given that it was able to initially suck up a much heavier Lifesaver candy, but I guess it could be that the carpets complicate things.

I also used the INSE H1 Handheld Vacuum here and there around my house.  I put up a new curtain bracket and had some drywall dust on the floor.  It sucked it right up!  I broke some glass Christmas ornaments.  Again, the INSE H1 Handheld Vacuum did a great job.  The little pieces of glass were sucked up using the crevice and brush tool.  I was surprised by how handy it was to have one of these little vacuums around. Previously I probably would have used my Dyson, but it’s big and cumbersome.  This little vacuum was much easier to grab for the little jobs.

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INse 8

What I like

  • Small and handy
  • Cordless

What I’d change

  • Maybe a wider attachment for carpets

Final thoughts

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I wound up using the INSE H1 handheld cordless vacuum much more than I thought I would.  The fact that I can also use it on my car is a huge bonus.

Price:  $44.99
Where to buy:  Inse (Save 10% with code “INSELIFE”) and Amazon
Source:  The sample for this review was provided by Inse.

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