Oraimo cordless vacuum review

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REVIEW – With two dogs running around my house this winter the floating hair situation becomes a crisis before you know it.  Yes, I have robot vacuums, but sometimes I can’t wait for the robot to find the mess.   I have to spring into action, and while I have had many great years out of my old stick vac, it was time for an upgrade.  I decided to evaluate the Oraimo Cordless vacuum.

What is it?

The Oraimo cordless vacuum is a 24 KPA vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters and a brushless motor.


What’s in the box

  • Oraimo cordless vacuum
  • Power supply
  • Crevice tool
  • Brush tool
  • 4 Washable HEPA filters
  • Accessory storage bracket
  • Welcome guide
  • After-Sales Service Hotline



Filter Type: Cartridge
Capacity:  1 Liters
Runtime:  Up to 45 minutes
Color: Gray
Model Name OSV-225A
Controller Type:  Pushbutton
Has Variable Speed Control?  Yes
Self Standing?  Yes
Item Weight:  7.98 pounds


Setup and Features

I started by installing the Oraimo accessory storage bracket by using the included hardware.  I thought I did a great job, but it seems I didn’t because it started to fall out of the wall almost right away.  I’m quite sure that’s not the fault of the vacuum, though.  It was pretty easy to do, (but in my case, maybe too easy).  The bracket holds the crevice and brush tools as well as the vacuum itself.  The battery on the vacuum is removable for charging, so you aren’t tied to installing it next to a power supply if that’s not convenient.  If that is your plan, though, you should know that I didn’t see a way to neatly incorporate the power supply cord into the bracket.  I think you could rig something up, but it’s not integrated.


I was very surprised by how many HEPA filters the Oraimo cordless vacuum came with.  One is already installed and you have four more included.  The instructions indicate that you can wash then periodically yourself if they get dusty, and you should regularly do that to prolong the life of the vacuum.  After a couple of weeks, I emptied the dust container by pressing a button and it swung open and dumped everything into the garbage can.  Then I had to read a tiny sticker on the side of the dust container to figure out how to get to the HEPA filter.  It turns out that you need to insert the crevice tool to twist the stainless steel filter housing and then pop out the HEPA filter.  It was not super intuitive, but once you know the secret I think you’re good to go because it’s not hard to do.


Initially, I was kind of surprised by how short the handle was, but again, once I consulted the directions, I learned there is a height adjustment button that you can use to extend the tube length to whatever works best for you.

The Oraimo cordless vacuum has three speeds and personally, I run the vacuum a little like I drive:  there’s go and there’s stop.  I want my vacuum to suck every last bit of dust, dander, hair, and whatever other dirt is floating around.  I don’t need three speeds, because I will only use the most powerful setting. However, if you are the type of cleaner who is going for distance and not effectiveness, this vacuum is for you.  It will go for up to 45 minutes on the lowest setting.  If you’re like me and would rather not clean for 45 minutes on low,  the Oraimo will clean for 21 minutes on the standard setting and 13 minutes on the highest setting.  The battery takes 2.5 hours to charge from empty.

The install created the first vacuum job.
It did a great job.


There is a really nice screen on the front of the handle that indicates the power level and how much battery is left, which is handy.  My old stick vac kept that a mystery.  It also indicates if there’s a problem, like a tangle in the roller brush or a blockage.  The roller brush is designed not to tangle, but if you have a problem, it was pretty intuitive to pop the brush out.


Despite the anti tangle feature, I still had some threads that wound around the roller brush.

This stick vac is also self-standing, so unlike my old one, it doesn’t fall over if you have to go answer the phone mid-vac sesh.  If you carry the Oraimo cordless vacuum up and down stairs, you should note that this weighs almost 9 pounds.  I don’t know how that compares to similar vacuums, but it didn’t feel inordinately heavy to me and I was surprised it weighed that much.

As for effectiveness, the Oraimo cordless vacuum seems to take care of most of the jobs I have around the house.  It didn’t want to pick up dog kibble unless I sort of lifted the roller brush on to it, but once it got sucked up, it didn’t come back down or shoot across the room because of the rollers, as some of my older vacuums have done.  With the crevice tool, it sucked up things all around the crevice opening, not just the stuff that was directly underneath.  It was impressive.

One thing that was kind of a mystery to me was the warranty.  I had to go searching for it in the user manual because it wasn’t listed anywhere in the product page.  It is one year from the date of purchase on the website, but I later found a warranty card that was separate from the manual that said it was two years.

Adjustable height is a nice feature.

What I liked

  • Does a good job cleaning
  • Detachable battery so you can charge wherever.

What I’d change

  • More prominent and accurate warranty info.
  • Clear directions in the user manual about how to change the HEPA filter.


Final thoughts

I like the Oraimo cordless vacuum.  It’s got some great features that my older vacuum didn’t have, like a battery indicator and the ability to stand on its own.

Price: $165.99
Where to buy: Amazon (use code: Oraimo225 expires 3/18/24)
Source:  The sample for this review was provided by Oraimo.

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