BlueDri DH-76 Compact Commercial Dehumidifier review

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REVIEW – During the summer months, the moisture level in my basement is quite high. It is so high that it would start to smell musty. I noticed this issue shortly after purchasing the house and immediately bought a large dehumidifier that has been working well ever since. So, the musty smell is no more, but there is so much moisture that the reservoir in the dehumidifier fills up every day and I have to empty it each morning, By the time I get home around 5:30 pm, it is filled again. I think I need a commercial-grade dehumidifier that can “draw” a lot of moisture out of the environment and one with a long hose that I can run to a drain and just keep the dehumidifier running all day and night when necessary. I think this BlueDri DH-76 Compact Commercial Dehumidifier might be just what I need.

What is it?

The BlueDri DH-76 Compact Commercial Dehumidifier is a high-performance industrial dehumidifier that features low-grain refrigerant technology which means more moisture is pumped out compared to conventional dehumidifiers, and an expanded aluminum filter for longer life. It is designed to remove up to 150 pints per day (76 -pints per day at AHAM). A 25-foot pipe/hose and a 15-foot power cord are included.

What’s in the box?

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  • 1 x BlueDri BD-76 Commercial Dehumidifier
  • 1 x Drain Hose
  • 1 x User Guide

Hardware specs

Model/SKU: BD-BD-76-BL
Weight: 81 lbs
Dimensions: 32 in x 19 in x 20 in
Cord Length: 10′
Construction: Rotomold

Design and features

  • Low Grain Refrigerant Technology
  • Dual cooling system
  • 150-Pint per day water removals at saturation (90-degree F, 90% RH), 76 -pints per day at AHAM
  • Power: 1 HP with a current draw of 6.5 amps (on high), 3300 RPM
  • Operating range: 30 – 105
  • Expanded aluminum filter for longer life
  • Compact, lightweight & powerful, and stackable up to 4 units
  • 25 ft. pipe; 15 ft. power cord
  • Roto-molded impact-resistant housing

The BlueDri DH-76 Compact Commercial Dehumidifier is solidly built and weighs approximately 66 pounds. It measures  23″D x 12″ W x 20″H. It has built-in carrying handles on the top, and 2 straps on one side to secure the power cable and drain hose when they are not being used. On the front, there is the display screen with the control buttons and on the bottom of the front, there is the AC power plug. In the middle of the front, there is an exhaust fan. On the back, there is the removable filter and the connection for the drain hose.

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Setting up the BlueDri DH-76 Compact Commercial Dehumidifier was straightforward. For my reference, I first removed the filter just to make sure that it was in good shape and not damaged in any way and then replaced it. Then I connected the drain hose to the outlet on the back of the device and ran it to a drain in my basement. Next, I plugged in the AC cord, and it was good to go.

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The BlueDri DH-76 Compact Commercial Dehumidifier is easy to use. For my basement which always seems to have moisture once it is warm outside, I decided to leave the default settings. – “The default operating mode keeps the dehumidifier running at its maximum capacity.”

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BlueDri Dehumidifier 1 1
BlueDri Dehumidifier 2
Here are a couple of videos showcasing the noise level and the results after approximately 7 hours:


Overall, BlueDri DH-76 Compact Commercial Dehumidifier is a well-built device that is also powerful and effective. It is heavy and it is loud. If you need to “draw” a lot of moisture out of your basement, construction site, or another similar type of environment, this unit will do the trick.

What I like

  • Great built quality. Very solid
  • Very simple to use
  • It does the job
  • The pump function can drain the dehumidifier after use

What I’d change

  • It is quite loud

Final thoughts

The BlueDri DH-76 Compact Commercial Dehumidifier is a good device that will work at home or for commercial and industrial applications. It is loud but that is to be expected.

Price: $999.00
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by BlueDri.

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  2. Robert van Weersch

    When we moved three months ago, we needed a dehumidifier to help dry the plaster faster etc. Also, the basement is sometimes a bit too humid when the weather is very humid. Looking for a decent dehumidifier, I encountered two problems: the “consumer” products, which are silent and styled, are by far not powerful enough, and the professional products are way too expensive, starting at EUR 500. So I looked for alternatives and I discovered several website where they resell or auction professional used hardware from Dutch companies for very low prices. I’ve purchased a used Seccoprof 30 (30 liters per day) for EUR 40. Pro: it has an 8 liter water tank so in normal conditions, you only have to empty it once a day. I cleaned the filter and it has been running 24/7 for the first two weeks and after that about 8 hours a week.

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