When it comes to style, Kwikset’s Obsidian touchscreen deadbolt door lock is a far cry from their Kevo lock that I reviewed last year. This new lock has a modern style that features a low profile white LED touchscreen keypad that doesn’t require a physical house key. You do not need a mobile app to… Read More

Have you ever wondered how a padlock’s locking mechanism works? Now you can find out with this clear see thru padlock from Mazu. Designed as a learning tool for locksmiths, this clear plastic lock is a fully functioning padlock. It comes with 29 parts that allow you to learn the inner workings of a lock… Read More

I find myself at a point in life where my hands are always full. Whether carrying work equipment, groceries, or my children, I often find myself without a free hand to open the door to my house. I was recently given the opportunity to review the Yale Real Living Assure lock. It’s a Bluetooth smart… Read More

Picture this scenario. You’ve just been to the grocery store and spent eleventy billion dollars on Honey Bunches of Oats cereal and BBQ potato chips. You get home and are one of those people who can’t make multiple trips to the house with your bags. You MUST carry in all the bags at once or… Read More

Before being thrust into adulthood, I used to ride my bike everywhere; it was one of my favorite things to do. Although I haven’t ridden a bike in years, my children are at the age where they are learning how to ride bikes. I love the idea of taking family bike rides and am exploring the… Read More

Is it possible to get any lazier? I found a way.  And it’s good. With the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt I no longer have to find my house key and wiggle it into the lock when my hands are full or I leave the car running.  I don’t even have to remember a combination code. Now… Read More

Whether it’s securing a locker, a shed, or luggage, most people find themselves in need of a padlock or combination lock at one time or another. The problem with these locks is you have to remember a combination or keep track of a key. Personally, I’ve had to throw away more than one lock because… Read More

Wouldn’t it be nice if people didn’t steal our stuff? You could just leave things on your table, backyard deck, or car seat, walk up to the counter for coffee or whatever, and not have to keep watch on your stuff. OK, Leave it to Beaver moment is over. Fact is, everybody is trying to grab… Read More

The Keyport Slide 2.0 already reduces the size of your keychain, but adding these Bolt locks will further reduce the number of keys you need to carry.  Each Bolt lock can be keyed to your car’s key, so you can unlock all your Bolt locks with that single key.  You program the lock by inserting… Read More

There are a variety of ways you can open and lock your home’s door without using a key.  I tried a WiFi-connected deadbolt that didn’t work, no matter what type of interpretive dance I used to approach it.  I’ve been intrigued by other Kickstarter products that still haven’t made it to market long after the… Read More

The Safe+ Microlock is a very small 2 digit combination lock (the combination comes preset and as far as I can tell, can’t be changed) with a 2.17ft (66cm) long wire cable that can be used to secure your belongings. When it’s not being used, it wraps up into a compact package that will easily… Read More

My daughter is going to college in the fall, and that means we’re making lists of things she’ll need to take with her.  She’s thinking about taking a bike for the trek from the freshman dorms to her classes, and that means she’ll need a bike lock.  A lock like the Skylock would make her… Read More

Although any bike lock can be broken by a determined theft, the Lock8 Smart Bike Lock offers extra layers of protection to make it less likely that your bike will be stolen. Part of the Lock8 is mounted on your bike, and it serves as the attachment point for a lock chain to secure your… Read More

For more than a thousand years, humans have been securing their front door with key-based locks.  Until recently, there hasn’t been much innovation in the technology, but thankfully, several companies have tried to bring the door lock into the 21st century.  One of them, Yale, has provided us with their key-free Touchscreen Deadbolt.  I expected installation… Read More

Kwikset, longtime makers of locks and keys, have announced that their new Kevo deadbolt lock will be available for pre-order starting today. The Kevo looks like a standard deadbolt style lock that you might find installed in most doors. But it uses Bluetooth Low Energy™ 4.0 technology to turn your smartphone into an electronic key… Read More

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