Hugolog Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Lock review

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Hugolog Electronic Deadbolt Lock 15

REVIEW – Since the Covid pandemic started to get out of hand in early March 2020, I have been working from home, and have upgraded my in-house studio to handle my video and photo editing as well as my podcast recordings and editing. I have found that with my kids being home, they get into all of my gear and an electronic keypad deadbolt would not only satisfy my security needs but also my gadget nerd appetite. Enter the Hugolog Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Lock!!

What is it?

The Hugolog Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Lock is a keyless entry door lock, Hugolog Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Lock, Auto Lock, which is easy for a DIYer to install and program. It runs on 4 AA batteries and can be used on several types of access doors like for the bedroom, front door, etc.

What’s in the box

Hugolog Electronic Deadbolt Lock 11 x Hugolog Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Lock
1 x Installation Leaflet
1 x Pack of Installation Screws
1 x Warranty Card

Design and features


  • No more keys under the mat: this digital door lock is here to make your day-to-day access effortless; enter your home with just a few simple pushes of a button and lock it automatically; no more fumbling around for keys when you’re trying to unlock your door
  • Pick and bump proof: this keypad deadbolt is 100 percent key free, no keyhole to pick or bump, which nowadays anyone can learn from an online video; no more spare keys that people can lose, misplace or copy, providing extra security for your home and offering you the necessary peace of mind, especially for families with kids
  • Give access to people you trust: program up to 20 user codes and one single-use temporary codes for you to share access with family or guests; no more worry about rushing back home to open the door for anyone; disable codes is also a breeze when you need to
  • Add a modern touch to your property: along with rigorously tested construction, this keyless deadbolt also has a sleek modern design that would complement any interior or back door in the residential home, apartment, or commercial business office building
  • Quick and easy installation; replaces existing deadbolt all by yourself with just a screwdriver in minutes; no skills required, no hard wiring needed

Hugolog Electronic Deadbolt Lock 16
On the front panel of this lock, there is the standard keypad with the logo branded on the top.

Hugolog Electronic Deadbolt Lock 2
On the flip side, there is a plastic cover with the manual knob and the battery compartment.

Hugolog Electronic Deadbolt Lock 3
Hugolog Electronic Deadbolt Lock 4

On the inside of the back half of the lock is the mechanism.

Hugolog Electronic Deadbolt Lock 14


Installation is basic and follows the same concept of installing a regular door lock. See some of my steps below.
Door Measurement
Door Prep Size: 2.13 inches (54mm)
Backset: 2.36 in / 2.76 inches (60mm / 70mm)
Door Thickness: 1.38 inches to 1.97 inches (35mm to 50mm)
Fits both left right handed doors.

Hugolog Electronic Deadbolt Lock 5
Hugolog Electronic Deadbolt Lock 6
Hugolog Electronic Deadbolt Lock 7
Hugolog Electronic Deadbolt Lock 8
Hugolog Electronic Deadbolt Lock 9
Hugolog Electronic Deadbolt Lock 10
Hugolog Electronic Deadbolt Lock 11
Hugolog Electronic Deadbolt Lock 12
Hugolog Electronic Deadbolt Lock 13


This lock simply does not perform the basic functions of an electronic lock. Even after contacting their customer support and going through the troubleshooting steps which meant installing and uninstalling the lock several times, it still has not been able to move the deadbolt into place. When I turn the lock with the manual knob, the deadbolt goes into place smoothly and with very little resistance if any. When I try to use it electronically, the lock seems to try but fails miserably.

In addition, other than the bolt-on-plate in the middle, this lock is plastic and can be easily physically destroyed with a screwdriver or any such instrument. It feels very cheap and IMHO it is not capable of providing any true security beyond installation as a visible deterrent.

What I like

  • The concept
  • The ease of installation

What I’d change

  • It is just too must plastic in a lock for me
  • It merely needs to work but does not

Final thoughts

This Hugolog Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Lock empl0ys the same basic concept of most locks of this type but fails the quality test in many ways. At least IMHO!! The lock is plastic so you first have to consider where you would use it and for what level of security. The setup is simple but despite several efforts, it would not engage and disengage the bolt. While it is not nearly the cost of other higher-end locks in this category, I would spend the extra bucks and leave this one alone.

Update 3/13/21

Hugolog willingly and immediately provided a replacement lock. The replacement worked with no issues.

Price: S31.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Hugolog.

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  2. MY lock is not opening it make a sound but the deadbolt does not engage.It only happens when its cold. I live in NJ temp.40 plus. It’s takes entirely too long for the deadbolt to engage two minutes or more what must I do to repair this problem?
    I want to be made whole by replacing my unit ASAP.

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