Seatylock Foldylock Forever bike lock review

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REVIEW – I’ve reviewed some fancy electric bikes for the Gadgeteer and now that I’m riding around town with them, I am always worried that someone is going to steal them.  It only follows that I should invest in an equally fancy bike lock to protect them.   They don’t come much fancier than the Seatylock Foldylock Forever bike lock.  It’s super heavy duty and they don’t call it the “Forever” for nothing!

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What is it?

The Seatylock Foldylock Forever bike lock is a really heavy duty bike lock that comes with a case and various ways to mount it.

What’s in the box?

  • Seatylock Foldylock Forever bike lock
  • The case
  • Various mounting bits and bobs
  • Keys
  • Instructions and warranty
  • Sticker

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Setup and features

I have several bikes so I decided to try out the Seatylock Foldylock Forever bike lock on a traditional bike and an Ebike, because Ebikes are typically a bit thicker framed and I wanted to make sure the Foldylock Forever would work.  For my first test, however, I installed the Foldylock Forever on the Schwinn Perla that I got for Christmas several years ago.  The Perla has a retro look and the Foldylock Forever didn’t exactly mesh with that style. I think it would mesh better if it came in a color other than black.  A pink Foldylock would be less jarring on this bike, for example.

Seatylock does offer the Foldylock Compact, which is a lighter lock that comes in various colors. You can find it here: Foldylock Compact and on Amazon.

I also wasn’t thrilled that I had no choice but to install it on the vertical seat post because of the curvature of the step-through frame.  It covered up some of the fancy pinstriping on the bike.

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Installation can be handled two ways with the Seatylock Foldylock Forever bike lock.  The easiest way is to slide the case onto the water bottle mounts if your bike has those.  The Perla doesn’t have that, so I used the alternative which are some straps that are similar to zip ties but are reusable.  They slide around your bike’s frame and screw tight using an Allen wrench.  Some squishy rubber-like cushions fit into the holes you’d use if you went with the water bottle install that protects the bike paint and ensures a tight fit.  The whole installation took about five minutes and then I was off to Trader Joe’s (a nearby grocery) to try out their bike rack, take a few snaps, and pick up some salmon for dinner.

As you can see, the lock easily slipped through the Perla’s frame and the bike stand.  The Seatylock Foldylock Forever bike lock opens and closes smoothly with the key (they include 3) and it has a circumference of just over 35 inches.  It folds up to be about two inches wide and eight inches high and it weighs quite a lot at almost 4lbs, but then I think every bike lock I’ve ever had that worked was quite heavy.  I like the way it folds up and slips into its holder.  At  3 inches wide, it didn’t interfere with my pedals even though it was mounted low.

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The Seatylock Foldylock Forever bike lock comes with a three-year warranty and doesn’t make any jangly noises when it’s stowed unlike chains or other locks.  The whole thing feels super solid, and their website features a video where they try to break it with a crowbar and can’t.  It’s called the “Forever” model because it’s “the highest security-rated folding lock ever made” and has a “gold” rating (bike locks are rated bronze, silver, gold, and diamond … apparently there isn’t a diamond-rated folding lock yet).

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Next, I uninstalled the Foldylock case from the Perla and put it on the Vanpowers Urban Glide Pro ebike I reviewed last year.  I love this ebike and especially its cool look and bright green color.  The frame, like many ebikes, was really thick, but the same strap and Allen wrench setup worked great and it was installed in minutes.  Again I had to use the vertical part of the frame because the battery is on the slanted part of the frame and if I installed the lock there I wouldn’t be able to get the battery off for charging.  I set off for Trader Joe’s again and for this test, I brought my cable along too. Often I will loop the tire that isn’t locked with a cable and secure it to the lock that is wrapped around the back tire and frame just for extra security.  The cable was kind of a tight fit over the Foldylock but it did work and the Seatylock Foldylock Forever bike lock looped through the frame, the back tire, and the bike rack without any issues.  I also thought the modern style of the Foldylock Forever looked great on the Vanpowers bike.

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One last note about this lock:  I forgot which model I was reviewing and checked the photos of the packaging.  “Forever” is covered up by the lock on the package.  That might be something to redesign.

What I like

  • Easy install
  • Feels super secure

What I’d change

  • The weight, although I think all bike locks that are as secure as this one are heavy.
  • Style may not work with all bikes.
  • I’d like to see other colors offered.

Final thoughts

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The Seatylock Foldylock Forever bike lock is really solid. It’s an investment, but it should work great for years to come.  It just feels like a quality product.

Price: $125.00
Where to buy:  Seatylock or Amazon
Source:  The sample for this review was provided by Seatylock.

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