BenjiLock by Hampton Fingerprint Deadbolt lock review

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Benjilock Digital Lock 1

REVIEW – I recently moved into a new home and a new home studio. As a part of my design for that space, I am incorporating several digital door locks for secure and easy access to various areas. I have not yet been bold enough to put them on my outer doors, but I certainly have a couple installed indoors. I am now looking for a strong a versatile digital lock for the main door to my office/studio. Let’s see if the BenjiLock by Hampton Fingerprint Deadbolt lock will work for me!!

What is it?

The BenjiLock by Hampton Fingerprint Deadbolt lock features a fingerprint biometric sensor that opens the deadbolt with a single touch.  Additional access is available by entering an authorized access code into the digital keypad or via a traditional key.

What’s in the box

Benjilock Digital Lock 21 x BenjiLock Digital Fingerprint Door Lock
4 x AA Batteries
1 x Door installation Template
2 x Dook Keys
1 x User Guide Card

Design and features


  • State of the art fingerprint sensor technology
  • Stores up to 10 fingerprints and up to 25 user codes
  • Setup is done on the Benjilock deadbolt after installation. No software or Wi-Fi needed
  • Illuminated capacitive touch screen
  • Randomizing digital numbers eliminates touch patterns on the touchscreen
  • Download the Bilt app for installation videos and programming details
  • ANSI Grade 2
  • 4 AA size batteries included

Benjilock Digital Lock 16On the front of the lock, there is a matte black keypad surrounded by metal and with the fingerprint sensor above it. Below the keypad, there is the key lock. The photos below show the design of the lock.
Benjilock Digital Lock 3
Benjilock Digital Lock 4
Benjilock Digital Lock 5
Benjilock Digital Lock 6
Benjilock Digital Lock 7
Benjilock Digital Lock 13
Benjilock Digital Lock 8


The BenjiLock by Hampton Fingerprint Deadbolt lock is well made and is straightforward and easy to install. The following photos show a few of the steps during the relatively quick process:
Benjilock Digital Lock 9
Benjilock Digital Lock 10
Benjilock Digital Lock 11
Benjilock Digital Lock 12
Benjilock Digital Lock 14
Benjilock Digital Lock 15
The following short video shows the lock in action and the easy access via the keypad and via fingerprint:

After I installed the lock, I followed the instructions and changed the master code, but I could not get beyond that stage no matter how many times I tried, Eventually, I reached out to their support and someone promptly responded and guided me through the very simple process. As it turns out, I was doing everything right except that I was entering the number on the keypad too fast and that seemed to be creating some sort of problem. So, all that I was required to do was to slowly enter the numbers. Otherwise, the installation and programming process is easy and painless.

The one thing that I think is missing from this lock is the ability to temporarily power it via a USB battery pack as an emergency measure. I can picture someone installing this strong metal lock on their front door and becoming so used to the easy and convenient way to unlock it via fingerprint or the keypad that the location of the key becomes unimportant. Then one day you get to the door and the battery is dead so neither the biometric keypad nor digital keypad work. It would be nice to be able to plug in a USB power pack to gain access. This is a feature that I have seen on other locks. Nevertheless, this is still a really nice, solid, and very reliable lock.

What I like

  • The sleek design
  • The build quality
  • The access options
  • The ease of installation
  • The available and provided customer support

What I’d change

  • Upgrade the touchscreen so that the lock is not “confused” by “quick” entries
  • Add an option to be powered via a USB power pack in the event of dead batteries and possibly no immediate access to keys

Final thoughts

Unlike some of the other digital door locks that I have tested and reviewed, the BenjiLock by Hampton Fingerprint Deadbolt lock is all metal and it offers 3 ways to lock and unlock. Once programmed, all ways to access work well and I am very impressed by how easy and reliable it is to access via fingerprint. The digital keypad does require you to enter the code relatively slowly and deliberately, but overall I really like this lock and I give it a well done and two thumbs up!!

Price: $159.99
Where to buy: Hampton
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Hampton.

7 thoughts on “BenjiLock by Hampton Fingerprint Deadbolt lock review”

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    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your feedback. I would use the digital keypad if the fingerprint scanner is not an option, especially since gloves are available that are designed for use with touch screens. Also, I programmed 2 fingers for myself so I have that I have an alternative that would address the bandaid concern.

      1. RainyDayInterns

        yes…multiple fingers is absolutely necessary 🙂 Have also found that placement is also sometimes tricky. Changes in outside temperature also adds to the list of reasons why the scanner will sometimes rejects a scan.

        Does this lock have any “try again later” lockout after a few failed attempts? Our is 3, then you have to close and reopen the cover to the scanner port.

        1. It does have a lockout feature and if my memory serves me right it is after 3 attempts. There is no scanner cover. You just have to wait and then try again.

  2. Hi, could you please tell me if this lock can automatically lock when door is closed? I find the official descriptions are not very detailed.

    Thank you very much!

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