PopSockets and SOG team up to put a multitool on the back of your phone

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PopGrip SOG 3

NEWS – PopGrips from PopSockets improve your grip on your phone to help prevent accidental drops and just make it easier to hold your phone with one hand. The PopGrip SOG takes the usefulness of the PopSockets PopGrip one step further by adding a multi-tool into the mix. The PopGrip SOG works just like regular PopSockets PopGrips, but there’s a slot that holds a 3-in-1 tool that features a bottle opener, mini pry bar, and ¼” and 4mm hex bit drivers. The PopGrip SOG uses magnets to hold the multitool in place so it’s always right where you need it. The PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool is available in black, blue, or green for $25.00 from popsockets.com and Amazon.

PopGrip SOG 1

PopGrip SOG 2

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