Judie’s Gear Diary – 2006-09-18

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In just a little bit I will be heading to the airport to begin my ~40 hour
journey to Phuket, Thailand for Mobius 2006.
I’ll be carrying a large bag loaded with everything I think I could possibly
need – electronic books, movies, snacks, back medicine, a fresh shirt, and a
small bag full of personal grooming items that I hope will be allowed on
the plane. If I

am reading this list correctly
, deodorant is okay…but toothpaste isn’t. It
looks like we’ll be a plane full of foul-mouthed travelers! ;0)

In any case, I hope to have internet access while traveling and at our
resort; if all goes as planned I’ll post photos and comments along the way. No
matter what happens, it should be interesting and fun…

Added later: Evidently I spoke too soon! Due to yesterday’s bad weather in Dallas, my flight to Dallas today was cancelled. I’ll now be leaving at the same time tomorrow, and I will still arrive in Phuket with plenty of time for Mobius events. Unfortunately I’ve now lost my one free day to explore and recover from jet lag. Oh well. :0P

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